SoundCloud Plays Have Nearly Doubled In the Past Year

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…according to mid-year data shared by Next Big Sound.  SoundCloud is currently facing major label lawsuits and significant funding issues.

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  1. Remi Swierczek

    Can someone explain the business purpose of Soundcloud? …or Soundhound …or Shazam!
    To much of easy made investment cash wondering around.

  2. T. Cooke

    Site has really gone downhill. Look, Michael Mann just fooled everyone. Blackhat is the perfect balance of the most a movie can offer and abstract commentary of the state of art. One of the worst performing box office movies ever. And the best in a long time. Actions scenes criticized for not being fresh. Exactly, it’s not fruit, rather it’s part of a story and views pensively raw. Criticised for not using much of any of an expensive score. A master L’autuer is not to have his judgement questioned. Criticized for not having a deeper romantic fill? Where’s the romance today to mirror? Casting was an offshoot easy target for flakey audiences. Great movie.

  3. Same guy tcooke

    The reason soundcloud has gone downhill for me is becau

      • lroosemusic

        A large portion of Soundcloud’s most popular tracks largely feature unlicensed content either as unauthorized remixes or mixes that contained one or more unlicensed tracks.

        Doesn’t Spotify (rightly) force users to upload licensed content to avoid the legal jihad that hit Grooveshark and Soundcloud?

      • T. Cooke

        Labels ditch and bury SC for Spotify EDM. Good call paul. I can see that as profitably plausible.