48% of Apple Music Trial Users Have Abandoned the Service

Amongst active Apple iOS users…

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If you’ve already started a free trial on Apple Music, are you still using it?

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If you’ve already started a free trial on Apple Music, have you turned off the auto-renewal option in your iTunes settings to prevent an automatic subscription start?

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Survey conducted by MusicWatch using a statistically-significant sample size of 5,000 participants.  The results were released yesterday.  Apple quickly refuted the claims, telling the Verge that 79 percent of free trial users are still actively using the service, though they have not refuted other published findings of the survey.  


15 Responses

  1. mikael

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  2. Jeff Robinson

    Have you tried using it? It’s a pathetic interface. WORST streaming/player interface of ANY that are out there. Cumbersome, awkward, non-intuitive would all be adjectives to describe this. What happened to the Steve Jobs concept “it should only take two clicks to allow the user to do what they want to do?”

    Guess it got ‘Jimmied’…

  3. Andre

    My AppleMusic experience, I updated iOS and OSX in the first few days the update was released

    – cover art for albums f#cked up
    – “For You” tab and linking to Radio content STILL results in error page
    – despite strong wifi signal, saving/downloading music still patchy at best
    – clumsy interface

    I’d gladly pay $20 to have my original iTunes back. I’ve found that I now instinctively try to avoid opening the Music app. Spotify (also has imperfections) now looks really clean and well-designed in comparison. Needles to say my original plan to suspend payments to Spotify for at least 3 months while I use the AppleMusic’s free trial period has been changed
    Apple really fucked this up, and I’m surprised at how they they seem to be getting a pass from the press

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    Andre and Jeff, I have to say I agree with both of your harsh reviews. The interface on Apple Music is really rough, and it’s mangled peoples’ carefully-manicured iTunes collections with apparently zero hope of going back and repairing them. Beyond that, it’s confusing for anyone trying to figure out how to shift to streaming, or where to even begin to start on Apple Music within iTunes, even for the so-called pros.

    Here’s where I knew there was a problem…

    How to Download Apple Music, In 28 Easy Steps…

    • There is something...

      I have thousands of songs and dozen of playlists. Imported songs from CD, buys from iTunes and streams from Apple Music. Among all that, I have only 2 songs that have been miss-matched ! Took me well… 30 seconds to have them back in place !

      But of course, maybe people who use only MP3 they got from shady torrents with inaccurate informations have more issues than me…

  5. Tim F.

    There’s no way this can be accurate!! There were about 40 articles and hundreds of comments on this site alone that unambiguously stated that once Apple Music launched 100% of all Apple device owners would turn on the free subscription trial on the first day of launch and that no one would ever purchase a single download within that three month period. Certainly all that fear mongering couldn’t have been wrong?!

  6. SpareSomeChangePlease

    Bottom line, when you can get the stuff for free, there’s no reason to pay to either buy or stream. You just can’t beat zero dollar.
    About the Apple Music app itself, it’s designed for the new generation, the Snapchat generation, who has no problem finding their way thru non-skeumorphic interfaces. If you can’t use the app, you’re either 1) old, or 2) old and very bad at using computers.
    I’m an older guy myself, and while I think the app is badly designed ( compared to what I’m used to see from Apple ), It’s not that bad either, or more precisely, it’s as bad as Spotify’s interface.
    Most younger people I know seem to have no problem whatsover with the interface.

  7. Music Lover

    5000 Apple haters were surveyed…

    It’s free for 3 months. The artwork issues were fixed in the last update. Go listen to some Spotify commercials if you like their “confusing” UI better. Give it time people.

  8. so

    Building the service on top of Beats was a critical mistake (even leaving aside what Apple paid for it). Yes, Apple got way behind on streaming but they should have just stayed there and done it right (like they do most other things). Staying on the sidelines, and proudly stating that, would have enhanced their mystique even more and would have given them time to build their own service from the ground up instead of hitching it to a failed also-ran.

  9. That Guy

    FYI in the last pie chart, in the 39% section it should read “No I haven’t De-Activated Auto-Renew”, not ‘Auto-Review”