Spotify Is Now Tracking Your ‘Online Activity’ Even When You’re Not Using Spotify


From Spotify’s updated Terms & Conditions (effective August 19th), which you probably didn’t read.

I. You’re now being tracked even when you’re not on Spotify, often through Spotify ‘business partners’.



II. In addition, Spotify is now even tracking your friends’ profiles.



III. Under the new terms, Spotify is not obligated to follow the privacy laws of your country.



IV. If your data does happen to be breached, that’s your problem.




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    Of course Spotify is not alone in this and the data scrubbed from their 75 million subscribers certainly plays into their revenue stream.

    My prediction. Spotify will morph into another business migrating their subscribers into another service which will devalue music further or keep it pegged right where it is. Music’s the invitation, not the dance.

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    I forget who said that the only business model on the Internet which has ever made a profit was the violation of privacy.

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    Oh, like Facebook, Google, and dozens of other tracks everyone normally freights around?

    Not saying it’s a good thing Spotify does it, but context

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    So how to circumvent this? Which cookies to delete? Periodically delete history from web browsers?

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    Silicon Valley’s business model is advertising.

    That’s it.

    There’s nothing else. How innovative…

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    Why am i not surprised ? Spotify wants to out-Google Google…. They come from the same line of thinking : content creators are just maggots that should be used to feed the Machine.
    Warts and all, Apple looks like a saint compared to these folks.

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    Who would anyone be surprised? Everyone is getting tracked all over the place all the time, by a million different companies. That is just how it is, so deal with it.

    If you want to be anonymous for whatever reason, then use tails as an OS and the TOR browser + a VPN. Remember also to turn noscript on and never download anything. Then you are at least safe from most of the tracking. Otherwise, just forget it.

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    I worked with Ken Parks at Qtrax and have a lot of respect for him. One of the best and brightest, I’d like to think his Spotify departure was at least in part fuelled by his reaction to this deperate invasion of privacy.


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