Jason Aldean on Spotify: “Artists Don’t Make Crap, Writers Are Getting Cheated”

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Nine months ago, country star Jason Aldean pulled his music from Spotify.  This morning, he issued the following statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. 

Honestly, there’s been so much stuff about that, and I’ve been misquoted. The ultimate goal is I want fans to have the best experience they possibly can. I want fans to hear my music whenever they want. But there’s also a right and wrong way to do it.

It’s easy for everybody to stand back and not take a stand. They think there will be a backlash or don’t understand how it works. It’s easier to go along with what everybody else is doing.

For me, I got a lot of friends who make a living writing songs, and those guys are getting cheated.

Taylor Swift, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and myself, a lot of guys are starting to see that as well.  That’s all it was about.  You want it to be fair.

As artists, we don’t make crap off of streaming.

Lots of major record companies are part owners in Spotify, so they’re gonna get their money regardless.  I’m more about the small guy.  I’m on a smaller label.  I’m an indie guy.  I’m not the big commercial grocery store.  I’m the mom-and-pop store.

I don’t want to see this affect the music biz for the long term, but I was always taught to stand up for what I believe in.  Spotify has changed their stance a little bit, and that’s cool.  I’m starting to see that.  But my stance hasn’t changed at all.


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  1. Me2

    Nice to see another known quantity take a real stand.
    Makes up a bit for those wimps on Charlie Rose last week.

  2. T. Cooke

    Nice. I know how these tech guy are. They look to destruct (disrupt) an industry. The Uber guy tried first with a P2P file sharing site before the film studios sued him down.

  3. Some Guy

    “I’m more about the small guy. I’m on a smaller label. I’m an indie guy. I’m not the big commercial grocery store. I’m the mom-and-pop store.”
    You’re a Sony Music Entertainment artist you idiot, one of the biggest there is. You ARE a part of the Big Commercial Grocery store.

    • Wrong

      No, he is not a Sony artist. The label he is signed to has a deal for distribution with RED, which is owned by Sony, but he is an independent artist signed to an independent label.


    Another day, another artist misdirecting their anger on Spotify, when it should be focused on elimination all of the middle men (SOCIETIES! LABELS!) that are taking cuts out of their streaming royalties.


    Another day, another artist misdirecting their anger on Spotify. Jason should take a good look at allllll of the useless middlemen (hello useless LABELS, hello corrupt societies!) taking a cut of his royalties!

  6. James

    Why is he not after Pandora. He still plays perfectly fine on pandora….

  7. Name2

    Yeah, I’d rethink chipmunk cheeks here as spokesmodel for starving artists.

  8. Steven

    The streaming controversy makes absolutely no sense. If you don’t think you’re getting a good deal on Spotify, don’t put your music on Spotify.

    Problem solved! No whining necessary!

    Do artists really just not understand how the free market works?