Pandora Is the Top Earning iOS App, But Still Can’t Make Any Money

Here are the top iOS apps, based on all time worldwide revenue. Pandora is number one.

top iOS apps pandora
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But somehow Pandora still manages to lose massive amounts of money. In fact, they lost $16.1 million just in the first quarter of this year.

Source: App Annie

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    • mouserX1987

      This is DMN. You only visit here for funny click bait articles and titles. And hilarious members debating nonsense things. Like them being a armchair analysts.

  1. Name2

    You know, with this being a site for “Digital” “Music” “News”, I’d have thought that we’d see the announcement that Pandora is going ad-free for 1 day to celebrate ten years in the business. For 24 hours from Midnight (Eastern)September 9 Pandora will not run any ads. So yeah, on Wednesday September 9, even non-premium users can get a taste of Pandora with no commercial interruption.

    To quote “The Verge”,

    Listener Love Day, as Pandora is calling it, will last from 12AM ET on Wednesday, September 9th until 12AM ET on Thursday, September 10th. If you haven’t given Pandora a try in a while, next Wednesday is the perfect time to change that.