Yes, You Can Go to Prison for Uploading Songs to Torrent Sites

jail torrent uploader
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The Pirate Bay is facing significant pushback in Europe. The Oslo District Court just ruled that ISPs must block The Pirate Bay website. Now the UK is also taking action.

According to details just reported by TorrentFreak, the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit has arrested a man in Liverpool as part of a joint investigation with PRS for Music.

The man is suspected of uploading Top 40 songs to torrent websites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents every week.

The 38 year old allegedly ran a website offering regular and a cappella versions of songs. Police say the site brought in advertising revenue, which shifts the matter into commercial infringement. 

Authorities estimated that these uploads caused “millions of pounds” in potential damage to the music industry.


Image: Ken Teegardin, CC by 2.0.

9 Responses

  1. Name2

    Free music is great, but why risk prison when you can just enjoy Pandora for free?

    For one day only – September 9 – Pandora is making its ad-free tier available to all registered users for 24 hours, beginning at midnight. it’s to celebrate Pandora’s 10th anniversary, so come and sing Happy Birthday to the service which is the top-grossing app on iOS, free for one day only!

  2. Name2

    So a digitally altered corner of one of the world’s most famous and iconic boardgames is covered by Creative Commons?

    Does Milton Bradley know? Seems like a stretch. A moral person would err on the side of caution.

  3. Remi Swierczek

    You will do prison in USA for farting in wrong place.
    Say something loud in wrong moment to a cop and you will get 2 years for obstruction of justice in most states.

    Soon half of the country will be in jail.
    USA and MUSIC needs Donald Trump NOW!

    • Anonymous

      “USA and MUSIC needs Donald Trump NOW”

      It’s true what McCain said — Trump really fires up the crazies… 🙂

    • smg77

      You should contact Trump and get him on board with your insane plan to charge a per-use fee for Shazaam

  4. .Nina Ulloa

    Heinous crime. Won’t someone think of the children.
    Should have his hands chopped of like they do in that bastion of civilisation, Saudi Arabia.
    And then we should bring in Sharia law.
    /sarcasm off.