Ellie Goulding Pimps YouTube to Drive People to Spotify


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Artists withhold their music from Spotify for one simple reason: they feel like they’re getting screwed.  But if that’s the case, why not punish the sites that are screwing you even worse?

Enter Ellie Goulding, who’s latest single ‘On My Mind’ isn’t available on YouTube or SoundCloud, and totally available on Spotify and Apple Music.  Even better, Goulding is using a 30-second YouTube snippet to drive traffic to better paying platforms instead.  “We want to drive traffic to monetized, legitimate streaming and consumption services rather than non-chart eligible, non-monetized ones,” a representative from Goulding’s Polydor Records told Music Ally.

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The track is also nowhere to be found on SoundCloud (one result purporting to be the single is actually an interview).  Given the open-uploading nature of both SoundCloud and YouTube, an unauthorized copies can easily surface, though so far, Goulding’s label and team seem to be policing well.


14 Responses

  1. Jau

    It’s possible to monetize tracks in Youtube. With the ads on, the revenue ends up being the same as Spotify. I would upload the snippet to Soundcloud.

    • DavidB

      “the revenue ends up being the same as Spotify”

      Any figures to support that?

  2. EmusicPromo

    Using one monopoly to send music to another, that pays $0.0072 per stream to rights owners, is not impressive.

    Its actually sad!

      • Faza (TCM)

        I think it’s pretty clear at this point that YouTube is the No. 1 music listening environment on the planet.

        Somehow, advertising your new single there (to be played somewhere that pays you a somewhat less laughable amount) seems very sensible.

  3. Remi Swierczek

    Going from no money to shit money! Global limit of both is at $20B.
    Convert Radio and streaming to $100B music store by 2020. Primitive solution with happiness for all.

    • dcguzman

      Im here to post for you to not tarnish and bastardized the name of Remi Swierczek on your communist ideals. How will Remi opposed to Shazam app which he himself helps developed with his patent? From wikipedia:

      “Remi returned to Poland in 1992, only to later come back to the United States with a new obsession relating to the music industry. While in Poland, Remi realized the lack information available to identify music and songs properly. He went on to create a Music Identification System patent (#6,941,275), which governs music identification services”

      And Remi have his own publishing for music news website:

      “Remi is currently the owner of Best Laminate, an online distributor of laminate floors and tiles in the United States, and writes for his music industry website, Music Industry RX.”

      He is not a type of person that spam comments on click bait website like this one. This website is cancerous for the music industry. And I wont be surprised, Paul is a former employee of Epic Records under SONY. He is with worldwide marketing.

      • The REAL Darnell Guzman

        I dcguzman know nothing and yet choose to read DMN daily so I can continue to not learn anything and only argue with articles (that cannot reply to me). Because that’s how great of a dude I am, if I argue with real humans, they too quickly prove me an idiot so I prefer to use comments sections.

        Wait, please don’t realize that I’m as stupid as a person can get….

      • Remi Swierczek

        Whoever you are you are clueless of real potential of MUSIC and music industry.

        The only cancer we have in this business is the clueless, golf playing deadwood at the labels.
        They observe absurd business opportunists for last 15 years and at random allow creation of dismantlers of the business: Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Vevo, Pandora, SoundCloud, Shazam, Soundhound – all purposeless users and ABUSERS of MUSIC and MUSICIANS.
        Harness few of those nerds above to proper business model and we will have $100B music industry by 2020.

  4. Matt

    I’ve been suggesting this exact method for a long time–I think the entire industry should go to this model unless there’s an actual video.

    • dcguzman

      You are dumb. The whole purpose of youtube is for free marketing and exposure of artists. The whole social aspect will be gone if artists and record companies try to boycott or delay there songs on youtube. Which Polydor Records didnt do:

      “Note: this is NOT a full boycott of YouTube. There will be an official video for ‘On My Mind’ debuting on Vevo next week, which means the full song will also be on YouTube.”

      I dont get it why this site keeps posting lies and misinformation and getting away with it. How much the record labels and Clear Channel pay for payola for this website to spew lies in the public?

      • Um..

        ..if you want something on YT, put it there. If not, then make them take it off (this is the harder part).

        • dcguzman

          And you think google take artist’s privilege for that? Its the reason why youtube become a monopoly as video hosting were concerned. Did you know the early years of vevo? Not all videos and artists of SONY and UMG arent in vevo. In fact, even EMI and WB music have its own channels for youtube.

          This privilege of DMCA every video containing copyright material the reason for ruining the music industry, not free content on youtube. Why do you think Taylor Swift become popular? Its Kanye West and Taylor Swift grammy awards incident when it becomes viral.

          And the copyright claim becomes prevalent. But the indie scene and obscure artists becomes the norm on youtube. The downward spiral of the music industry becomes inevitable and the industry have no choice but to give in to youtube’s demands. Just like Apple did years in early 00s.

          • dcguzman

            Sorry, “Not all videos and artists of SONY and UMG are in vevo”. Even buzzfeed have disqus, buzzfeed! Why this site still have wordpress as a comment feature?