Dear Spotify, Thanks for Paying Me £100 for the Last Three Months. Signed, La Roux


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  1. There is something...

    And how about some journalism here ?
    I don’t know like… this is a payment for what ? (artist royalties, songwriting, publishing ?) And for how many streams ?

    • Crazy Ass X

      You really can’t teach anyone how to be an international deep-mob financial syndicate member inside the hit–pulpit : A boss like the ‘ Terror Poet ‘ Literati shit and spit on the discreet world of the famed , Illuminati , anytime and anywhere their kingdom sit !

  2. lroosemusic

    It could have been 200 pounds if their her album wasn’t so forgettable!

    • Simon Fowl

      hilarious – you should be on the stage! such wit & repartee

  3. Darren Cruikshank

    Since we’re on that topic, Spotify paid me *absolutely nothing* for the past six years!

    Admittedly I don’t have any music on there whatsoever but apparently we just publish tweets/facts/rumours these days and don’t bother with any context since it’s irrelevant :/

    • dcguzman

      Joke post? Definitely a joke post. Unless you posts songs on Spotify before.

  4. dcguzman

    In other news, 2 years ago… “La Roux says she ‘never made any money from record sales”. I found this article after just googling La Roux on search bar. She’s just whining like a little child about royalties right now. This isnt about Spotify or royalties at all. Another quote from her:

    “I spent two years on Trouble in Paradise and I most likely won’t make any money out of it,” Jackson recently told Digital Spy. “The only money I will make is from radio play. All the money I’ve had up until now is from radio. I think people find this really, really, really hard to believe. It’s not a lie, it’s just the way it is.”

    So it means its definitely the record labels are its fault here. But artists always blame a boogeyman on there shortcomings on there failed contract negotiations.

  5. Jeff Serrano

    @LaRoux – make music people want to listen to. be more popular.

    When did streaming become an entitlement program?

    • Simon Fowl

      its called being paid fairly for the work you do – we would not come around your house, eat your food, get you to slave for us and then when you wanted to be paid tell you to ” make better food” then I will pay you or ” why shudl I pay you? its not an entitlement” try to imagine your job and what you do and then apply your twattish comment to your own prospects. “try to be a better at your job” what a utter utter myopic comment to make

    • Jimmy Vargas

      More power To La Roux
      Absolutely right

      To the dissenters:
      Soon your job will be replaced by a Robot, or better still your job will be paid on incremental output of .00001 cent per hr.
      See how it effects you, when your own talent skill and individuality is reduced to a chinese sweat shop condition
      Spotify is a carpet bagger.
      they call them disrupters.
      They are not.
      They are destroyers.
      The reality is there are only 4 major entertainment companies in the world.
      They own 23 percent of Spotify.

      They also get spotify to pay out big money to their back catalogue of artists, BUT THEY DON’T PASS THAT MONEY ONTO THE ARTIST FOR THEIR INDIVIDUAL WORK!

      The reality is, that the musician, the filmmaker, writers are the commentators of our time. They provide a mirror to the mirth, the melancholy of life.
      eradicate that, and put in its place MK ultra barbie dollls, and metro sexual sneering ‘punk’ performers, the mental nutrition, not to mention the spiritual state of the country is heading to the cultural crematorium.

      Spotify is the engine room of the Elite plan.
      Silence the artist by not paying, and dissent is quelled

      Jimmy Vargas

  6. JTVDigital

    She may ask her record label where they are hiding the money instead of calling out Spotify on social media…
    How do you explain that unsigned / indie artists (but with a decent fanbase, touring activity and good tracks) are making shitloads of money from Spotify, whereas signed and heavily marketed artists from the top-tier aren’t?
    This recurrent streaming-bashing in the media is becoming ridiculous.

    • Simon Fowl

      shitloads of money? where did you get that info from? the recesses of your tiny mind? you make this stuff up all by yourself? or did mummies little soldier get some help?

  7. Anon

    It takes around 1,200 streams to add up to the same amount as ONE DOWNLOAD.

    So, if you don’t allow your music to be streamed and get only 2 extra sales you have doubled your money.

    • Simon Fowl

      guarantee you would whine like a bitch if someone paid you 100quid for 3 months work – probably all you are worth tho

  8. Chuck

    La Roux’s top ten tracks on Spotify add up to roughly 108 million streams. 108,000,000 x $.005 (average) per stream = $540,000. If she’s receiving such a poultry amount (£100 a quarter) then she needs to talk to her label and management about her contract.

    • JTVDigital

      Exactly. But seems like nobody out there gets it for some reason…

  9. Rickshaw

    Complainer and whiner. It’s 100 more than you had before and it didn’t hurt sales anywhere else. If you think it did, then prove it. You can’t.

  10. miguel Kurt

    Do all you societal kiss asses think the record company’s are going to reward you for sucking up to them. Your main deal is you want something free and for the masses to let you into their little club. Of course artist deserve more compensation for everything or soon you will have no music to steal.