Sick of All Male EDM Lineups? Try Decibel Festival

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Seattle’s Decibel Festival was my favorite musical event of 2014. The festival books an impressive range of electronic musicians and visual artists. Into deep house? Techno? Noise? There’s something for you at Decibel.

The organizers go out of their way to avoid booking an entire lineup of white dudes, which is usually the norm at electronic festivals.

Last year Decibel’s lineup was 18.1 percent female, one of the highest in the industry. This year’s festival lineup is a comparable 15.3 percent female.

Like FORM, my favorite music festival of this year (so far), Decibel goes out of its way to be inclusive. They’ve explicitly stated that “misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, bigotry, or violence of any kind will not be tolerated”. They have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and abuse, and say that any staff or security member will deal with issues promptly. This is entirely appropriate, as women, people of color, queer people, and trans people face a lot of fucked up harassment in their daily lives. Dance music was built on the backs of LGBTQ people and people of color, it’s nice to see Decibel looking out for their community.

Decibel also has a free daytime conference, making education accessible for people who might not be able to afford a full festival pass. Tickets for individual showcases are also sold, allowing people to experience the festival for the price of an affordable concert ticket.

Decibel 2015 kicks off September 23rd. See you in Seattle.

9 Responses

  1. Huh?

    Should we be congratulating decibel for using affirmative action and not basing their booking on skill or how well know the DJs are?
    This is just… dumb. Why is DMN pushing this agenda when it would have seemed more fitting on a Tumblr post?

    • Tone

      yep, it’s misguided. i don’t care what the sex, race, religion etc is of the dj — as long as they’re amazing. i admire the intent but booking based on sex is not the solution. we should be instead focusing our attention and resources on teaching young girls and encouraging them to be djs.

  2. lroosemusic

    Never heard of any of those artists.

    Not saying they’re bad, but it’s going to be a tough draw if you don’t have at least a couple popular folks to headline.

      • lroosemusic

        Who would you recommend from the list above? I’m always looking for cool new acts, and if I like what I hear I’ll get out and support them next time they’re in town.

        I like trance/future house/deep house/progressive house.

  3. OortCloud

    Just looked at the linuep and it’s 90% “white dudes” (OH THE HORROR!). Hey, if they attracted they best artists, period, than who cares? Oh, people that with agendas I see. Get over yourself.