Snapchat’s Original Content Expansion Suddenly Disappears

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Snapchat is nixing its once-promising original content expansion plans, with several employees eliminated in the process.  Deadline reports this morning that Snapchat is killing ‘Snap Channel,’ part of a broader rethink of its content strategy.

Disappearing as part of the shift is Marcus Wiley, lured from Fox Comedy to become Head of Program Planning and Development at the fast-rising chat app.  Others in the original content team are also saying goodbye, or potentially getting relocated into other divisions.

The discontinuation is abrupt.  Snapchat recently constructed a 12,000-foot production studio in Marina del Rey, and content partners like Vice, Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN, National Geographic, and Yahoo are in a holding pattern.  Music companies, meanwhile, are mostly lagging when it comes to Snapchat, but given this false starts and shifting strategies, that may be a good thing.

One thing that hasn’t disappeared is Snapchat’s monstrous demographic.  At last count, Snapchat counted 100 million active users, with 4 billion snaps sent daily.  Perhaps more importantly, almost all of those users are within the highly-coveted 13-34 demographic.