eMusic Sold to Personal Cloud Service TriPlay

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TriPlay calls its business model a ‘next-generation personal cloud company,’ though it’s questionable why anyone would want to directly compete with Apple, Google, Amazon, and about five other heavyweights.  Either way, the New York-based company has now scraped up eMusic, a once-promising, indie-focused music download service that has spent the last decade getting brutally overrun by the like of iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music, among many others.

These days, eMusic has largely disappeared from the digital music competitive landscape, but perhaps TriPlay can make the remaining assets sing.  “We are thrilled to join forces with this pioneer of the digital music industry to offer all our users the wide variety of music they love in a comprehensive, next-generation platform, complete with the features they want and need,” said Tamir Koch, founder and CEO of TriPlay.  “Our broad catalog, global access and wide selection of features, are what the millions of eMusic and MyMusicCloud users are looking for. In the coming months, our users will begin to see significant enhancements as we introduce the complete music service they want, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.”

No word on the sale price, though this was likely a low-priced grab.

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  1. Name2

    Was a member off-and-on from 2003 (the year Apple decided to make a Windows-compatible version of iTunes) to 2010. They dearly wanted major label catalog and they paid dearly for it. Universal’s and Warners’ terms – from changing emusic’s entire pricing/payment structure to the newly “acceptable” poor quality of downloads to the astoundingly dumb “We keep the ‘change’ at the end of the month.” policy – soured many longtime users, including myself.

    Of course, the “all you can eat” model of 2003 was unsustainable, and no one thought it would last forever, but thanks to deciding early on that DRM was D-U-M-B, and a file format that everyone could use was not, I can still play every last song I bought from them. And the price levels truly promoted discovery (Hi, Remi!!)

    Much MUCH fun while it lasted.

  2. Rob Galgano

    Been with eMusic through many of the ups and downs, retaining a grandfathered mega-download package – the kind you can’t get any more. I’ve come to rely on it heavily for new music discovery for my station, aotpradio.com. Hoping they don’t turn it into just another streaming-only bullshit Spotify wannabe abomination.

  3. Tim

    emusic is a solid value for a customer. The number one issue I have was the one you downloaded a track you had to repay if something went wrong with it. Now they will have cloud service and auto back ups. Hopefully the library of music stays mostly the same.