95% of YouTube Views Come from Just 5% of Videos

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According to just-released stats from Tubular:

  • There are roughly 1.1 billion videos on YouTube.
  • There are roughly 7.8 trillion all-time views.
  • Of the 1.1 billion videos, just 5.3 percent (roughly 58.6 million) of videos on YouTube have 10,000 views or more.
  • These videos have generated a cumulative 7.4 trillion views, or about 95% of all views.


15 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    And now we have YouTube Red — the service nobody wants!

  2. Anonymous

    According to the The Verge today, YouTube is ‘on pace to earn around $5 billion in revenue this year’.

    And the service claims that it pays about half to content owners.

    So could anyone please explain why they paid less than $1.5bn in total to content providers since 2005?

    • Anon

      Some adsense users are complaining that they’re not earning as much as they used to. People who used to make four figures, by hosting ads in their website and blogs. And the youtube is the same. Crappier ad rates.
      These days youtubers are making money with sponsorships and product placements. The money received with one single sponsorship deal may be equivalent to the ad revenue of 20 regular videos.

      • Anonymous

        Again, YouTube is ‘on pace to earn around $5 billion in revenue this year’.

        Yet, they’ve paid creators less than $1.5 billion — in total — since 2005.

        Doesn’t add up.

        • Random Name

          I believe the 1.5 billion you are talking about is a figure they have thrown out for what they have paid to THE MUSIC BUSINESS. Not everybody. Music is huge on YouTube of course, but let us not forget all of the other stupid stuff on YouTube that generates huge numbers of views. The comedy stuff, the Jackass style videos, how to stuff, blah blah blah. I’m sure the amount paid out to that content would add a ton onto those figures.

          Finally, let us not forget that a lot of the videos are not monetized by the uploaders, but I’m sure YouTube makes plenty of indirect income from those views. I could be wrong on these points, but I think I am correct.

    • Music Key is dead, rip

      It’s as dead as YouTube donations and ‘pay per channel’.

    • Anonymous

      It turns out that Music Key is replaced by the most embarrassing PewDiePie-style projects you could possibly imagine…

  3. renon

    so basically, youtube is a database for people to share home videos. at least 95% of it.

  4. D'Michael

    I’m not sure what the point of this is. There are more people uploading junk than before and of course no one is gonna watch it except your friends and family.

    Out of the 100,000 videos that is uploaded a day, only 1 video would probably get past 10,000 views in that SAME day. Every other video that was uploaded that same day would take at least months or years to get 10,000.

  5. danwriter

    Oxfam predicts that the most-affluent will possess more wealth than the remaining 99 percent by 2016… NYTimes

    Notice a pattern?