K-Pop Meltdown: Korean Media Giant Faces $50 Milion Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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K-pop is one of the most explosive and exciting genres of the past few years, but it now appears that some of its superstars have been getting stiffed.  Enter DFSB Kollective, a leading K-Pop agency that is now suing CJ E&M on massive copyright infringement claims, with bizarre price-dumping and artist exploitation schemes potentially at play.

CJ’s US-based arm, CJ E&M America, is also on the defendant list, with DFSB represented by Browne George Ross LLP.

The action surrounds CJ’s Mnet.com, accused of offering extremely cut-rate K-Pop downloads at prices at 10-cents or below.  Mnet is easily accessible to K-pop fans worldwide, and accused of facilitating that access, all of which totally undercut efforts by companies like DFSB to sell songs are full-priced stickers of 99-cent and $1.29 on platforms like iTunes.

The case has been filed in US District Court for the Central District of California, with $50 million of infringement claims at stake according to court paperwork.  CJ’s move to dismiss was rejected, with a full-blown jury trial commencing March 1st.

The cut-rate would make sense for CJ, especially if it spurred network and hardware purchases.  That’s evident in ads like these, which offers a glimpse at what a bad Steve Jobs impersonation looks like in Korea.

The Korea Herald first reported on the court filings.

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  1. kkartt

    Google search has brought me here.. I am Korean.. K-Pop Meltdown?
    Is your hope?

    • K-Conned

      All countries also have anti-competitive price-dumping, unethical artist exploitation, and fake celebrity endorsement issues too…does that make these illegal activities somehow more acceptable?

    • Versus

      All countries have murder “issues” too. I guess that makes it alright then.

    • Lory

      “exciting” is a huge understatement. k-pop is a never-ending tour de force of colossal proportions.

      • Rick

        K-poop is….well k-poop, it’s just there, and smell. get excited as you chose

        • Lory

          you might think it smells, but you’re a redneck, so now we know where the smell comes from. thank god for us intelligent folks who have what it takes to appreciate this brilliant music genre.

  2. Rick Shaw

    What…an Asian entity involved in copyright infringement? I’ve never hear of such a thing.

  3. Lory

    i’m a k-pop fan and i couldn’t care less about all these companies lol, i care only about the music , and as long as it will continue to sound as good as it sounds today, i’ll keep buying k-pop.