If You Love Adele’s “Hello” This Will Positively Break Your Heart

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Milwaukee native (now residing in Brooklyn), Grace Weber, is an indie soul singer who has performed on Oprah and The Today Show. Her most recent album (self-released and funded through a PledgeMusic campaign), The Refinery, reached #5 on iTunes singer/songwriter charts. Most of the record is mid to uptempo gospel soul, but this emotional ballad “Till I Hurt You,” exposes Weber’s heart-breaking vulnerability. This track displays what makes her an artist worthy of showcasing alongside the world’s current ballad queen. Adele fans, you just found your new favorite artist.

+PledgeMusic Looks To Change The Future Of The Album Release

This song has been pummeling me for the better part of the year, and although it premiered on Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco last September, it is still relatively unknown (with just 42,000 views on YouTube and 23,000 plays on Spotify).

“I never knew who I was ’till I met you
I never knew what love was ’till you held me the whole night through
And I never knew what hurt was, ’till I hurt you”

Ouch. Experience for yourself

The Refinery on iTunes and Spotify

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  1. There is something...

    Reminds me of people using famous artists names in their Youtube video title just to lure listeners. Sad to see how low you’ve fallen Ari…

      • Literally Can't Even

        Ari you have so many haters! But stay strong, you know what that means right!? The guy making zero impact has zero haters, I’ll leave it at that.

  2. Anonymous

    Please we need more Adele related articles. Even if they have nothing to do with Adele. Just say her name 666 times and you too can get to the top!

    • Anonymous

      Mentioning Adele over and over and over again = site clicks. This will be the case for 1,000’s of site for the next few months. Mentioning Adele may help pay the website bills

      • roland

        nothing wrong with paying the bills. blame the people who click on this crap.

  3. Dry Roasted

    But what if I don’t love Hello, can I still love this?

    (divides by zero)

  4. Man from 1998

    This reminds me a lot of Shania Twain, maybe mixed in with some Mariah Carey and Charlotte Church.

  5. Really?

    Is this a paid article for the musician? Or just a friend of Ari’s he’s trying to help? Or just Ari finding a really lame way to push his musical taste onto readers.

    Paul, Ari’s articles are about half nonsense already but as editor this sort of thing hurts your credibility and therefore the credibility of your site. At best the “article” is click-bait.

  6. dhenn

    I’ve honestly never seen so many assholes as the ones the respond to some of these article. Nice to change it up a bit Ari. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing!

  7. dhenn

    Honestly, I’ve never seen so many a-holes as some of the ones that reply to these stories. Nice to change it up a bit Ari. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing.