Bad Brains Guitarist Dr. Know On Life Support…

Bad Brains guitarist Dr. Know
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The reasons for the hospitalization and critical condition remain unknown, though Bad Brains guitar Gary Miller, aka ‘Dr. Know,’ is currently fighting for his life.  Miller has been a pivotal member of the DC-based hardcore group, and has remained active performing with various groups (including Foo Fighters) over the past year. Bad Brains just posted this on their Facebook page.

Bad Brains Facebook Post, Dr. Know
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More as this develops…

Image of Miller playing the Virgin Festival in 2007, shot by ‘Napalm filled tires’ on flickr; licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (CC by 2.0). 

3 Responses

    • Tone

      great band and best wishes to dr know but…best punk band and most unique band ever? i dunno about that…

  1. SXDMG

    God bless that man and with that said : Spoken X Digital Media Group presents legend in brand and major music entertainment. . . I’m not even going to give you the shit if it’s not timeless and immortal. . . ; your friendly neighborhood billionaire poet , Literati X , aka Eric Hugh Bonner 200% songwriter and Wall Street publisher –end of report !