Ben Carson Releases a Rap Song. But Will He Get Signed by America?

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The rap ad, which features Chamillionaire sound-alike Aspiring Mogul, is being blasted in eight urban markets and comes alongside Carson’s surge in Republican polls.  The spot features Carson straight-talking about the issues, and is designed to better connect with African-American voters.

The ad, called “Freedom,” will air in eight urban markets, including Detroit, Houston, Miami, and Jackson, Mississippi.  Roughly $150,000 was committed to producing and spreading the 60-second spot, according to details shared with ABC.


Image by Mac Nozell, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

2 Responses

  1. Literati X

    Ben Carson is one of those great geo social–political ideologies that summons a very interesting inquisition : Will the African American community as well as the youthful music industry taste makers get behind a black candidate that’s an all out , Dee Jaying , classical sound recording , remiXing and master spinner ? The man is a , Neurosurgeon , by trade and has a natural charisma to cut on his own mother aside from any deep roots social program that may be left in America. . .

    • Anonymous

      What’s more interesting, though, is why he once attacked his mother with a hammer?