Talib Kweli Taps Bitcoin to Build a Stronger Fanbase

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Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist Talib Kweli has partnered with ZapChain to bring a new Bitcoin-powered community platform.  In a ZapChain community, users can reward each other for good posts with small amounts of bitcoin.  This enables contributors to earn real money when they post something that a community finds valuable.

Talib Kweli is known for 2004’s A Beautiful Struggle album, and 2007’s Eardrum. Kweli’s latest album is titled Indie 500 and is in collaboration with fellow artist 9th Wonder.  Indie 500 is released today (November 6th) alongside the ZapChain community launch.

Kweli sees digital currencies like bitcoin as a vehicle for global inclusion. “We believe in doing the music that we love and getting it to the people that love it, no matter where you are or who you are,” said Kweli.

ZapChain has joined forces with Coinbase, the leading bitcoin wallet, to ensure users are able to buy and sell bitcoin for money easily. “Bitcoin has the potential to turn online communities into online economies with micro-transactions that are real time and global,” said Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase.  “Apps like ZapChain that are uniquely enabled by bitcoin have the potential to change the way people work together and make a living.”


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Kweli is pumped-up on the idea, and aims to use ZapChain to solidify his audience of millions into a stronger community. Kweli will be the first of many artists who will begin offering digital goods on ZapChain’s community platform.  Starting today, people can create these communities for anything they want.  Anyone interested in building a community can apply on ZapChain.com.

(Photo by Lipstar and Fred Production, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic)

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