The 12 Most Expensive Musical Instruments on eBay

What are the most expensive eBay musical instruments?
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What are the most expensive eBay musical instruments? If you have to ask…

We decided to take a look at the 12 most expensive eBay musical instruments, just for kicks.  The list is actually heavily dominated by violins, guitar, and pianos, though the dates on some of these instruments is shocking.

If you’re looking for a more general eBay musical instruments list, just head here.

Oh, and a quick pro tip: make sure to authenticate any instrument of this value before purchasing.  Fraudulent sales can happen, sometimes even from a reputable seller (that may be unaware of a scam themselves).  Typically, eBay musical instruments are vetted, as are the sellers, though these are massive price tags.

Just be safe out there.

Anyway, onto the list.  We start with a violin that dates back to a very, very different time frame.  Then, get ready to be shuttled into the future about two-hundred years.  Enjoy.

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Rare Italian violin, constructed in 1745 by Dom Nicolo Amati. 

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $195,000


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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard. 

Location: Loveland, Ohio.

Asking: $199,000.


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1912 certified Italian violin by Enrico Rocca, constructed in Genova.

Location: Virginia.

Asking: $245,000


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1884 Antique Steinway Grand Piano Victorian Art Case, Model C.

Location: Westminster, Pennsylvania.

Asking: $250,000



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Rare Bartolomeo Bimbi viola, circa 1793.

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $250,000


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Vintage 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst One, excellent condition.

Location: Seattle, Washington.

Asking: $250,999.


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A “superb old French certified violin” from 1830, designed by J.B. Vuillaume.

Location: Virginia, US.

Asking: $275,000


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Original 1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard, previously owned by Gary Moore.

Location: Flushing, New York.

Asking: $275,000


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“A very fine old Italian cello” from 1770, originally constructed by Lorenzo & Tomaso Carcassi in Florence.

Location: Virginia

Asking: $295,000


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1927 Queen Anne Art Case model L Steinway Grand Piano, restored.

Location: Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Asking: $300,000.


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1938 Levin De Luxe guitar previously owned by Fred Guy of the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  

This was also held by Django Reinhardt in a very famous picture of the guitarist.

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia.

Asking: $405,000


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“Old Italian violin” from 1695, designed by Giuseppe Guarneri. 

Location: Virginia, US

Asking: $650,000


5 Responses

  1. blahblahblah

    Over a quarter of a million for a Les Paul. I’m sure a new one for a hundredth of the price would play and sound about the same. Maybe better,

    • Anonymous

      “Over a quarter of a million for a Les Paul”
      That’s what you have to pay for a Fazioli or Bösendorfer. And wait till you see the really expensive stuff, costs a hundred times more…

  2. Farley Grainger

    C’mon, Paul. This is just another example of unfair and biased reporting by DMN. Sensationalist click-bait, a transparent effort to attract ad revenue. Old violins, guitars, and pianos, and that’s it? Every one a stringed instrument. Are you some kind of stringest? You couldn’t find examples of overpriced instruments from any other instrument groups? How about this contrabass saxophone, easily worth $300 thousand? (Although, the Jinbao copy from China is almost as good, and only costs $150.)


  3. Rick Shaw

    The 12 most over-priced, un-authenticated musical instruments on eBay.