Barnes & Noble Has a Full-Blown Vinyl Section In Every Store

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Late last year, Urban Outfitters claimed the throne as the largest vinyl retailer in the United States.  But that was just the beginning in a larger vinyl expansion among major, established retailers.  Like Barnes & Noble, which now has fully-stocked vinyl sections in each and every one of its nearly 650 stories nationwide, with typically hundreds of titles available at each location.

This is big, and getting bigger: the company shared the stats with Digital Music News as its ramps up its ‘Vinyl Day’ celebration, happening just ahead of ‘Black Friday’ on November 21st.  Online at, Barnes & Noble is offering thousands of vinyl titles.


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Barnes & Noble’s ‘Vinyl Day’ is also happening ahead of the most anticipated album of the past few years, Adele’s 25.  “All Barnes & Noble stores nationwide will have copies of 25 available on vinyl in time for Vinyl Day,” the company emailed DMN.  “Stores will also have copies of 25 on CD, as well as Adele’s blockbuster first and second albums, 19 and 21, in both formats.”


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  1. Literati X

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    • Spoken X

      Hey , Rati , tell your terror family to go knock on , Barnes & Noble eXecutive office door and ask them to send us a payment for all that , , hardware we helped them push on their way to the hip hop top and you don’t stop !

  2. Phantom X

    Wasn’t the prime product that ‘ Nook ‘ technology–we offed a bunch like we were the drop shipper and wholesale manufacturer moving warehouse direct. I think that promotion was different than the three hundred thousand customers that came through us to get inside the , Mac Mall , and get those ipads , ipods and Mac Air machines. . .

  3. PsychoMediaX

    Something is not right , daddy ! We did all that work and I can’t find not one pair of socks that got rubber in them . When my dingy cottons slide down my ankles I get irritated and psychotic !

  4. Trillion Air X Syndicate

    That vinyl is the loss leader product procedure that starts the cooking of the profitable books ! How many residents in America have an obsolete machine that can even play an album or 45 to surpass anyone’s corporation to the top–leader on Main Street ? Adam and Eve and the snake of temptation to eat a Chinese apple role with more credibility than that shit !

  5. FarePlay

    Great News. So it’s not for everyone, i get that.

    For Barnes and Noble it makes sense and it will get me into their stores more. But then again I just paid $500 to get a thousand LPs shipped cross country. Part of a collection I’ve had since 1965.