Breaking: Anonymous Declares War on ISIS

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The barbaric bloodbath on Paris executed by ISIS has now drawn the ire of Anonymous, the oft-feared hacker collective with the potential to wreak havoc on digital networks and communication.  “Expect many cyberattacks,” a YouTube video purportedly from the loosely-knit organization declared.  “War has been declared. Get ready.”

“We do not forgive and we do not forget.”

Anonymous is already a declared enemy of ISIS, especially following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.  The group has aggressively worked to rip down ISIS-controlled Twitter accounts, though the efforts have only been partially effective.  Part of the reason is that Anonymous is a decentralized, shadowy group that sometimes lacks focus and unified direction, though their collective power to dismantle and disrupt is massive.

Looking ahead, a heavier focus by Anonymous could result in ripped down sites (perhaps via DDoS attacks), and more importantly, hacks of critically-sensitive information including identities, money flows, and attack plans.


Image by Tim Snell, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0).

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    • Anonymous

      It’s not off topic, the fuckers tried to kill as many music fans as possible.

      • Rick Shaw

        No, they targeted people; not music fans. It just happened to be at a music venue…where there was a gathering of people.

  1. What's not to love...

    “ISIS has now drawn the ire of Anonymous”

    The perfect match — both masked, self-righteous, anti-democratic and beyond ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous

    ISIS won’t know what to do when all those pizzas start showing up at their cave! War over!