Pandora Is Choking Its Listeners to Death With Ads

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First, Pandora shocked Wall Street with an astounding $86.9 million in quarterly losses, the beginning of a total tailspin in shares.  Then, Pandora announced a $450 million acquisition of Ticketfly, following by a $75 million acquisition of a bankrupt Rdio, followed by a $2.5 million emergency cash injection to keep Rdio alive during its bankruptcy proceeding.

So who’s gonna pay for this?  Listeners, who are now being treated with an avalanche of advertisements sometimes reaching six or seven spots in a row.  Most listeners, however, seem extremely supportive of the ramped-up advertising levels…

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12 Responses

  1. An Indie

    With 80 million listeners hooked, the copyright royalty board no longer accepting evidence and therefore no need to continue to show financial struggles, and the suits properly motivated, surprise of surprises, Pandora has begun to push the advertising. The countdown until Pandora announces their enhanced subscription plan (including going head on against Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.) begins in 5, 4, 3…

  2. d

    Alternatively, if their ‘radio’ is so bloody brilliant, they could get their fans to pay for it. Or would that be too ‘disruptive’?

  3. Spoken Word Poetry Mall

    The ‘ AD ‘ is the ultimate digital music artist : Featuring the 100 Billion dollar battle poet , Monster X , narrating the classical story of the victim and the beheaded . . .:: Someone might try to convince you that the beheaded is the victim ; but the beheaded is the retribution for fucking over the victim ; don’t get my , Black X , epic saga twisted . I was born in old school Brooklyn New York City where taking shorts and slights is a complete loss of face. I’m not going out like that–I’m syndicate immortal. . .:: I don’t rep for states , cities ,communities , towns , neighborhoods or streets–
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    you can keep safe most of that for my many generations to come– I’m keeping my one hundred percent order to kill twenty/four/seven because it’s the battle poet X deep inside of me. . .

    • Spoken X

      Michael Jackson can pull any crowd on the world wide web anytime and anywhere ; but if I were to sign a complete , money making digital artist on my label : Spoken X Digital Media Group , it would be hands down the ‘ Mac Mall ‘ It’s not about how well you can sing and dance–more about how addictive you can make your primary audience fan to a lifestyle you can’t live without. I’ve been inside this business for twelve years and I know what I’m talking about in the numbers . . .

  4. Black X

    I like ‘ Digital Music News ‘ it’s a historical moment right about now ; the crackers are having their , Adele , moment ! Somebody throw those motherfuckers a shovel so they can go dig up , Elvis . . .

  5. Anonymous

    I think Rightscorp should start selling ads in their email communication with clients. They need the revenue.

    Piracy monetization firm Rightscorp has just turned in another set of disappointing results for the third quarter of 2015. After losing $424K during the three months ended September 30, the company has recorded a net loss of $3.1m for 2015 thus far. That means that for every dollar it receives in fines, the company loses $4.

  6. RE: @miss_sydney18

    On the Plum Radio app, your skips DO work towards ads.

  7. You Know What..

    ..the ads on FM radio are so much better. Sometimes im treated to 10-15 minutes of nothing but ads…when i change channels in the car, sometimes i can’t find any music, because there are ads on all my pre-selected channels. It’s awesome, I love it so much. I’m GLAD fm radio doesn’t offer a $5/month option for ad-free music, what a rip-off that would be, I luv the ads so much….

  8. Anonymous

    I love these complaint tweets, as if these people were not choosing to listen to music via a free, ad-supported product.

    • Tim Wood

      It’s just that feeling of being taken advantage of that rankles…

  9. Anonymous

    Pandora isn’t alone. Spotify is also getting pretty heavy on the ads as was Slacker last I used their service. If your service is free and you aren’t a small operation or have billions in the bank then the unfortunate reality is you need ad dollars to combat rising costs.

  10. Matt Bunsen

    Its only $5/mo to remove all ads. Makes Pandora pretty excellent…