Slim Jesus Burns a Record Contract: “F*** a Label”


A video posted by Slim Jesus (@theslimjesus) on Nov 23, 2015 at 7:25pm PST

Since his recent rise to fame, Slim Jesus has made it clear that he has absolutely no intentions on signing to a label.

Slim Jesus has always been anti-label, but this was further confirmed in a recently uploaded Instagram video.  In the video, the “Drill Time” rapper can be seen burning an alleged contract from an unknown label.  As it stands, Slim’s “Drill Time” video has nearly 16 million views, and with this success it sparked the interest from record labels, who have reportedly reached out to him with offers.

However, Slim is adamant on staying independent and insists that he remains untouched by the influence of major labels.  The Hamilton, Ohio artist has claimed that he’s received record contracts from several labels, but has turned them down, as he prefers to preserve creative control over his work and image.

As Slim sets light to the contract in the video, he says, “A little fun fact a lot of y’all don’t know. I been had offers from the same bullsh*t ass labels signing your favorite rappers. And you know how I feel about ’em? F*ck a label. We getting independent money, bi*ch.”

This is a bold move from Slim, as there’s no going back now: the rapper would be completely ridiculed if he were to sign to a label (not that he has any intentions to).

So, is this a step in the right direction for Slim, or a huge mistake?  While signing to a label would make it easier for Slim to get publicity and work with established producers and artists, he’d also lose creative freedom and be restricted to work within label-defined boundaries.

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  1. Holly M Colino

    All I know is this presented article about this person. If this is true – good for him and he already a better character then Eminem.

  2. Anonymous

    My bet is that in two years when he’s stocking shelves at Kroger, he’ll wish he’d taken an offer.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Dim Genius thinks he can “Macklemore” the game. Have at it.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        Macklemore achieved a big push towards mega-success by partnering with a major, that much is known. Additionally, artists with traction are in a better position to negotiate: in this case, Slim Jesus may be missing out on a gigantic opportunity.

        Perhaps the answer is somewhere in between.

        And, as for who is offering this contract, I’m not sure. The names were blacked out, raising questions over whether this is merely a stunt.

  3. Ray Miller

    He did have some offers from indie labels,from what I understand. It was anybody like Def Jam or Columbia etc.

  4. PsychoMediax

    The reason why they call me , Monster X , on Wall Street is because of all the eXtremely large dirty bag man work I do for the music cartels. I move industries into systems , drop the world premier super star and top-independent products into concert performance on platforms , lock in the free style sale that you use with your own imagination–business model ; signaling in independent estates to reconcile their own master use printing presses world wide. . .I’m the biggest mob life entity that came from Brooklyn New York City since the Al Capone syndicate. . .:: Slim Jesus is cordially invited to become his own label and stop fucking himself !

  5. Shlomo

    Paul- really how is this digital music news? This idiots publicity stunt gets covered for what? Cmon I expect more screening from DMN. I’ve sent you numerous things to cover including lawsuits that haven’t been picked up by mainstream media that is directly related to digital royalties etc, yet you cover this.

  6. Irving Mindreader

    Next to Rae Sremmurd, this atonal assclown is the worst thing I’ve heard in 20 years. If that contract is legitimate, he just did them a huge favor by setting it on fire.

    Christ, I’m going to have to play Dirty Loops all morning to wash this crap out of my ears.

  7. Rick Shaw

    Blasphemy! I hope Mr. Jesus knows the phrase “would you like fries with that.”