Green Rooms Is a Hotel Specifically Designed for Musicians

If you trash your hotel room, you’ll still have to pay.  But you won’t be penalized for rehearsing, collaborating, or checking out at 3 pm.  That’s the spirit at Green Rooms, a hotel specifically being designed for artists, performers and musicians, and all of their unique needs.

Green Rooms will open in London next March, if all goes as planned.  The concept was hatched by Nick Hartwright, the founder of the Mill Street Co., who envisions a space that includes short- and longer-term rentals.  That will make it great for touring bands and those staying in London on longer projects.

Beyond that, Green Rooms will offer studio space, rehearsal rooms, and creative workspaces for the broader London community. “There’s nowhere in London that’s specifically for artists to stay, where they can meet each other, practice, perform and stay under one roof,” Hartwright told The Spaces, an architectural magazine.

“Green Rooms will offer all of that.”

The concept has attracted the backing of the Mayor Of London’s High Street Fund as well as the Haringey Council, with both seeking ways to stimulate local art and music.  That’s an increasing concern, with skyrocketing rent and cost-0f-living demands forcing smaller venues and struggling artists out.  According to a study recently released by the Mayor’s office, more than 35 percent of London’s indie music gigs have been forced out of business since 2007.

Whether smaller venues fit modern musical tastes and fan behavior is another question entirely.  But it’s hard to argue against having a strong community for artists to convene, from London or elsewhere.  Accordingly, Green Rooms will offer a continuing program of events for the community, with curators including artists and performers staying at the hotel.  Leading cultural institutions from London will also contribute, including the Somerset House, LIFT, Create London and the Royal Court Theatre.


Images posted by @GreenRoomsHotel.  

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