Some Lucky Guy Just Won a 100-track Frank Sinatra Collection…

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Thanks to everyone who entered our exclusive drawing to win this massive, 100 song, double-LP, 4 CD Frank Sinatra collection, Ultimate Sinatra.  And the winner is: Sean Belling of Oakland, CA, whose entry was randomly picked by DMN out of several hundred entries.

The commemorative set was released to celebrate Sinatra’s 100th birthday, with all sorts of nostalgia now bubbling to the surface.  Sinatra’s multi-decade career involved several major labels, though this collection aggregates tracks from Capitol, Reprise, and Columbia.  The set also includes a full collection of digitized MP3s, though nothing super hi-res (CD-quality is your best fidelity).

Frank Sinatra
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The collection is being released through Universal Music Enterprises, or UMe.  Here’s a quick rundown of what’s inside.

  • 24-track 180-gram vinyl (total, 2 LPs). 
  • Deluxe, 101-track 4CD set. 
  • Companion digital versions.
  • First-ever collection spanning Columbia, Capitol and Reprise years, plus unreleased recordings plus a bonus track.
  • A personal hologram machine that plays Frank Sinatra for your guests (just kidding!)

Sinatra, born in Hoboken, NJ in 1915, is one of the most successful artists in history with over 150 million albums sold.  Called ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes’ and ‘Chairman of the Board’ by hordes of nostalgic fans, Sinatra embraced his tough, working-class Italian roots throughout, though he dissed his hometown of Hoboken in favor of the glitzier Manhattan.

Throughout his career, Sinatra’s mobbed-up ties remained well-rumored and often debated.  In all fairness, however, the mafia controlled the music industry (and its venues) for a large portion of Sinatra’s career.

Sinatra died in 1998 after suffering a massive heart attack.