Guy Holding ‘Trump Likes Nickelback’ Sign Kicked Out of Donald Trump Rally

Donald Trump Loves Nickelback

Donald Trump has been accused of race-baiting, targeting Muslims, attacking women, and plunging the Republican Party into disarray while handing the race to Hillary Clinton.  But at a recent rally in South Carolina, the presidential hopeful faced a fresh attack.

Donald Trump Likes Nickelback

It’s unclear how Trump’s musical preferences were discovered, though the sign was quickly confiscated.  Shortly thereafter, the ‘heckler’ was removed from the event by Trump campaign officials according to rally attendees.

Donald Trump Likes Nickelback

Other politicians have faced similarly vicious attacks.  Just recently, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel denied liking Nickelback after similar protest signs appeared.  Separately, Ted Cruz is facing similar accusations at rallies.

Nickelback, whose ‘paint by numbers’ style of rock n’ roll has helped to sell millions of albums, now faces worldwide derision from millions of people worldwide.  The hangover has been brutal for the Canadian rockers, though Nickelback is still active (and just released an album).  Instead of fighting, Nickelback now appears to be embracing the non-stop avalanche of dislike.

2 Responses

  1. Rick Shaw

    Anyone holding a sign promoting Nickelback should be thrown out of any event.

  2. Debra

    If obtained tickets to Donald Trumps rally in Austin tx is that a guarantee to get in the building?