Spotify Finally Launches Video Shows on iPhone and Android

Static at Spotify
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On Monday, DMN reported that Spotify was going to launch new video content.  True to Monday’s report, Spotify has now launched its video channel with content from ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, BBC, Vice News, Slate, and others.

By tapping on the ‘Browse’ section and choosing ‘Shows,’ users can access Spotify’s videos on both Android and iOS.  There are two choices just below the featured row on the app: video shows and audio shows.  Once a user chooses a show, there is the option to follow which adds content to the users library.

As expected, the content includes small snippets and clips, like The Daily Show. 

Spotify is most commonly used as a music app, so it will be interesting to see how popular the video content becomes.  Or, if it even becomes a thing at all.  At the moment, the video content is not part of the main menu, but in time it presumably will be incorporated.  This may be part of a low-key launch strategy plan until the service is broadened and more content is added.

Skeptics view the expansion as somewhat pointless, especially with YouTube and ESPN.  But this seems like a tactful move from Spotify, and a strategy for diversifying their services while growing into other markets.  It’s also a way for the company to set itself apart from competitors, especially those with less traction in music.

Maybe that’s a suicide mission.  As previously reported, Spotify is entering into a very crowded realm, with platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube, all of which are well-established and dominant among users.

As a way to maximize interest and uptake, Spotify is offering the video content to all its users ad-free.

2 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    WATCH OUT! They are ready to vacuum fresh half a billon dollars!
    Ek might provide free remote sexual massage to all premium subscribers.
    At that point we will witness the birth of new music industry at 29.99 if not 49.99 a month!
    Brilliant times for music are in SPOTIFY’s hands.

  2. Gracie Anderson

    Maybe that’s a suicide mission.

    Cannot agree more. I wonder if this will bring them more business or more trouble. As a user, it’s exciting to see videos without paying for cable and jus the monthly fee in spotify.