WhoSampled Rolls Out Updated iOS App With Spotify Integration

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WhoSampled has announced a collaboration with Spotify on its iPhone app.  The new, adapted app is available now.

WhoSampled, founded in London in 2008, has now amassed over 1 million users with its encyclopedic breakdowns of song samples.  The WhoSampled iOS app allows users to essentially scan songs and tracks to report any original music the song has used for its creation.  The app also allows users to quickly find tracks that have used samples from older songs.

The app already includes YouTube, so it was an obvious step for the service to integrate with Spotify.  “We are excited to be enabling Spotify’s massive audience of dedicated music lovers to enjoy the WhoSampled experience seamlessly with their personal music collections for the first time,” said WhoSampled CEO, Nadav Poraz.

The company’s collaboration with Spotify is most likely a bid to broaden their catalog and also spark interest from new potential users.  According to a report by The Guardian in 2014, Poraz said, “We want to go as mainstream as possible, and bring this experience to as many people as we can.”

Though WhoSampled has been around for 8 years, it hasn’t gone mainstream.  That said, its growth has been more steady than other companies that have blown up over a short course of time.  The latest integration with Spotify may be just what the company needed to take it to the next level.  This new move is a great way to spark the interest of new users, and people can gain access to the app for as little as $3.99.

Android users will also be able to access the new features later this year, according to the company.