Austrian Upstart Introduces the First ‘Music Enterprise Software’ Solution

Music Enterprise Software: Can It Tame a Fragmented Music Industry?

The music industry loves to bitch about how complicated it is.  But other industries like energy, transportation, shipping, finance, and automobiles are far more complicated, with more sophisticated systems for tracking it all.   So why can’t the music industry do what they’re doing?

Now, Austrian digital distributor and royalty management firm Rebeat wants to bring some of that intelligence to the music industry, and get a handle over everything.  Their innovation is called ‘Music Enterprise Software‘ or MES, which attempts to emulate the enterprise software systems that are already successfully managing extremely complex systems in other industries.

The basic idea is to take every single royalty- or revenue-generating endpoint, and track it under one roof.  Accordingly, Rebeat’s MES solution allows rights owners to comprehensively administer the broad, fragmented collection of revenues that a successful artist typically generates, including different publishing streams, streaming recording revenues, live concert receipts, advertising, brand sponsorship, synchronization revenues, and download earnings, to name a few.  

These top-level categories involve a myriad of complex sub-categories, which are multiplied once different countries, music applications, and various authors come into play.  In total, it is estimated that a single, popular hit song can generate 900,000 distinct royalties, the totality of which has rarely been captured or recognized in a vast majority of cases.

Rebeat wants to sell you the whole enchilada, meaning digital distribution alongside royalty tracking, management and accounting, though the client can mix-and-match with distribution partners.  But the whole idea behind MES is to place all royalty tracking and management under one roof, even if someone else is distributing the music.

That’s the umbrella management rights owners need, and a market opportunity Rebeat hopes to fill.  “As many labels still use distinct services to manage these operations, we developed MES as a one-stop complete content management system,” explained Rebeat CEO Guenter Loibl.  “MES is designed to combat that fragmentation, reduce error and allow labels to focus resources on the stuff they do best.”

6 Responses

  1. dave

    this will never catch on. if they track everything, it’ll make it harder for labels to skim.

  2. Yo

    I took a quick look on their website, and from what i see it’s not really an autonomous software, you still need to distribute your music through their service, and the software is connected to only their distribution outlet.

  3. Guenter

    You can use your digital-distributor(s) or your direct contracts with stores with MES. In this case MES acts as a content delivery system.
    Salesreports from your distributors will be fed into the system automatically

  4. Jeff Robinson

    Enchilada? Dude, I’ll give them my whole burrito mojado!