IndieU: The Solution for Matching Indie Artists and Colleges

IndieU Rocks!
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The following sponsored post comes from IndieU.  Thanks for the support guys; check them out!

Independent artists find massive traction by targeting college students; Los Angeles-based music company IndieU has figured it out!

The IndieU platform connects students to their local college and city music scene to discover new artists, follow the music tastes of friends, create playlists, stream/download thousands of independent songs for free and create college events.

Artists are able to connect to college students who are actively searching for local indie music. Artists are integrated into a local college with opportunities to perform in local shows and parties while gaining exposure with various campus-run organizations.

“Ticketmaster” meets “Meetup” for colleges…

So picture this, “Ticketmaster” meets “Meetup” for colleges.  Students want more experiences, independent artists want more exposure, both are in need of money; IndieU is the fix.  IndieU is preparing to introduce a tool for students to create events, choose local artists to perform, and ‘blast out’ invites and tickets to friends.

There will be revenue sharing amongst the host of the party, the artist and IndieU.

IndieU’s community includes an extensive college rep network of over 40 students on 15 campuses across the nation.  Their passionate college rep network has discovered over a thousand artists and generated over 700 articles.

The integrated app and website allows users to enjoy IndieU wherever they happen to be.

With its on-campus presence and integrated technology, IndieU is growing quickly across the U.S. and igniting an indie music movement with hundreds of users joining each month and over 70 new colleges asking to participate.

Visit to get on board early and create your free profile today.


App available on iTunes & Google Play store.