What’s the Most Popular Music Genre In Every U.S. State?

What’s America’s favorite music genre?

That’s an extremely difficult question to answer, with several different styles resonating strongly on the touring circuit.  According to a just-released 2015 ranking by busbud, Country music topped the genre list for 13 different states, based on touring activity.

Every major tour from 2015 was factored into the analysis, then mapped that against shows in every state.

Country didn’t dominate the South as expected.  The music genre topped the ranking in Alabama and Arkansas, but also Hawaii, Idaho, Utah, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Alaska, among many others.  Top-touring country artists included Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, and Tim McGraw, among many others.

Close behind was Classic Rock/Oldies, with mainstays like the Rolling Stones, the Who, Foreigner, U2, Rush, ZZ Top, and America keeping the flame alive.  In total, Classic Rock and Oldie as a category dominated 11 different states, all surprisingly east of the Mississippi River.

In third place come the mellower sounds of Indie, a catch-all, somewhat vague category that traverses rock, folk, jam, and even electronica-infused bands.  Overall, Indie topped the rankings in 10 different states, with groups like Mumford & Sons, Sleater Kinney, the Avett Brothers, and James Taylor among the top-attended artists.

EDM actually only topped one state: Nevada.  That’s thanks largely to EDC, or Electric Daisy Carnival and a non-stop schedule of Vegas pool parties and DJ shows.  Indeed, EDM has reshaped Vegas, and in turn, Vegas has played a major hand in EDM’s explosive growth.

Among the surprises?

Pop, which ranked number one in California but none of the other states; and R&B/Soul, which only topped Hawaii.  Latin music, meanwhile, topped two mega-states: Texas and Florida.

Metal ranked highly in a number of ‘middle America’ states like Kansas and the Dakotas.  Rap/Hip-Hop didn’t make the rankings.

And who’s the most popular artist in each state?  If the number of shows is any measure, here’s the breakdown.

We’ll have a lot more geographical and touring data ahead!

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  1. Anon

    Well, what passes for country mostly is just pop. Same with a lot of alternative and fake Indy.

    U2 is classic rock ? Well I guess you could make that argument now but it’s bit of a stretch.

    • Jon

      I would of put Foreigner in Hard Rock, I mean you got vocals from the band Hurricane and bass from Dokken, wile the the drummer I think has worked with Whitenake and Steve Vai. Unless they consider those oldies. Hard Rock/Metal was never defined by any bands.

  2. Chris H

    What they want vs. what’s available. The conclusions I’m sure vary widely.

  3. Rick Shaw

    Is this the most popular to listen to, buy or steal?

  4. Carson

    Article correction: In no state was hip-hop the number 1 genre based on this chart. Hawaii is given as R&B/Soul

      • GQ Guy

        Are you aware BIA Kelsey counted the number of radio stations and their formats in 2015, and found Rap the number one format in the southern US states?

  5. Nen2

    Paul, the concept of the article is great however it’s hard to believe the facts…take it to the next level. I’d find a world such map very helpful in my work. Thanks 🙂

  6. Chimp

    Rap is the best why don’t any states like it the most?!!??

  7. Rob and old man Jenkins

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  8. Meade Skelton

    “Country didn’t dominate the South as expected. The music genre topped the ranking in Alabama and Arkansas, but also Hawaii, Idaho, Utah, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Alaska, among many others”
    . Virginia is the South- and its where Country Music originated!

    • America

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      • Just Worried

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        Why do we all have to send such hateful msgs to each other?

        If you don’t like a message, confront with intelligence not more stupidity. You look just as bad as he does!

  9. Ken

    So, no listing for America’s music, jazz and blues? Say what!

    • Tim

      That’s funny,. All these people are having a pissing match about music and out of no where comes braaaaapppp!!!! Nicely done fellow motocrosser!!!

  10. JoBlo

    In Atlanta alone Hip Hop is the most popular music in Georgia! And in any club! This list is bias!

    • Reality

      Did you read the article? It’s based on ticket receipts. If it were based on streaming/downloading, Hip Hop and Pop would dominate almost everywhere.

      I love Hip Hop, but live shows fall short of other genres.

  11. danwriter

    “According to a just-released 2015 ranking by busbud…”
    Slow news day?

  12. Andrew Ezell (BigDru) Wash

    I Think the Whole Industry is Biased, Rock n Roll=Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, James Brown, Ray Charles, Fats Domino,Big Joe Turner, was created by African Americans, Gospel Music, Soul, Blues=B.B. King, Negroe Spirituals, Country Music= Deford Bailey, Jimmy Rodgers,Charlie Pride, all Created by African Americans yet you have Caucasians in The Charts.
    I can go on and on, but THE FACT will remain the same that AMERICA is a RACIST Society, that refuses to give Credit to those who EARNED IT.

    • Reality

      A truly non-racist society wouldn’t have to give credit to any race for any creation or invention or accomplishment.

  13. Kenny

    What the fuck is the last picture, you didn’t give many options and all there was was pop country and classic rock, where the fuck is Metal music