Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun at Tidal’s Parade of Errors

Tidal Blasted by SNL!
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Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service has been at the brunt of some negative headlines recently.  There’s been the alleged lawsuits for copyright infringement and unpaid royalties, the leaking of Rihanna’s ANTI album, and Kanye’s latest album, ‘The Life of Pablo,’ not even charting because of a refusal to send vital streaming information to Neilson Music.

On top of this, there’s been the constant change of executives and the talk around Jay Z calling it quits and selling Tidal to Samsung.  At the very least, it’s safe to say that Tidal has experienced some challenges and has struggled to maintain stability in the streaming music market as of yet.  In a more blunt assessment, this is one hell of a s–t show.

All of that has created widespread skepticism, and many deem the streaming service a failure, with predictions of lasting more than two years considered generous.  Add in a handful of technical glitches and errors, and Tidal is starting to look like s*&t show.

All of that invited a satirical skit by Saturday Night Live, who couldn’t help but poke fun at the technical difficulties.  In the SNL skit, Chloe – the intern played by Ariana Grande — saves the day by singing the songs that are somehow deleted and missing from the Tidal database.

The video has now gone viral on social media, and has racked up over 3 million views on YouTube within 24 hours.  Of course, there’s usually a dark edge to most comedy, and in this case, it’s a streaming service struggling to piece together the deceptively complicated ‘basics’ of streaming music.

The full skit…

4 Responses

  1. wallow-T

    Ah, it was hardly “blasting” Tidal. The sketch sets up a framework for Ariana Grande to do impersonations of a number of other singers, and she pulled it off very nicely. I knew I had seen the same sketch once before: after some digging, I see it was with Bruno Mars allegedly working for Pandora, in a 2012 SNL show.

  2. Anonymous

    What wallow-T said. Tidal (and the streaming industry as a whole) deserves plenty of criticism but this wasn’t it. If Tidal didn’t exist, they probably would have used Spotify.

  3. Sally Jessy Raphael

    They did the same thing with Bruno Mars as well.

  4. Jabsco

    I don’t think the author of this story watches much SNL. The entire point of it being a TIDAL sketch was for Jay Pharaoh’s Jay-Z impression as a punch line. It has nothing to do with TIDAL failing as much as it has to do with having a Jay-Z impression on deck.