48% Of People Who Buy Vinyl Don’t Even Listen To It, Study Finds

48% Of People Who Buy Vinyl Don't Even Listen To It, Study Finds
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A large percentage of vinyl isn’t even played.

48% of people who actually buy vinyl don’t even listen to the records, according to just-released stats.  But this gets even crazier: of the 48%, 41% have a turntable but choose not to use it, while 7 % don’t even own a turntable.

48% Of People Who Buy Vinyl Don't Even Listen To It, Study Finds
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These figures show a growing trend of vinyl buyers who purchase the records solely for collecting purposes.

Indeed, vinyl has become a trend: it’s now a fashion statement, with fashion retailers like the American multinational company Urban Outfitters dedicating large amounts of floorspace to wax.

But why buy and not play?

Vinyl is the only physical format that is still growing, or, alive for that matter.  We waved goodbye to cassettes and we rarely buy CDs anymore, so why are we still attached the this particular format of music?

Physical aspect.

The prevailing theory is that people still want some music to hold onto.  We’re in an era where digital music is the norm, and we no longer rely on physical formats to listen to the music that we want to hear.  But streaming music or simply downloading music from the internet simply doesn’t feel the same as physically owning a piece of music, especially if it’s a piece of music history.

Monetary value.

Many believe that old-school vinyl records hold value and classic records can often gain healthy returns.

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17 Responses

  1. David Rosen

    The question really is why buy any physical media anymore? I’m not one of those 41%… I buy vinyl and listen to it like… Once in a WHILE. I buy CDs and listen to them exactly 100% never. For actual listening I think most people just do streaming now like me.

    So the answer to the question then, I think, is that it’s just to collect your favorite artists’ stuff.

    • Charles

      Not everyone rents streams many purchase downloads,CDs still outsell LP records. Most people have no interest in renting music streams each month in perpetuity, as most subs are the free variety. Look at Spotify free vs pay as an example. Many people choose to collect their fsvourites

  2. Anonymous

    Why would they? People want the full sound, not just a fraction of it. But the covers are nice.

    • Steve S.

      What’s worse is paying $20 or more for Lana Del Rey and other Brand New Records and then listening to them on a $100 Cheaply made Crosley Turntable that has little Speakers and bad components,….The Urban Outfitters Generation.

  3. Anonymous

    “[W]e rarely buy CDs anymore”

    Uh, CDs still outsell vinyl nearly 10 to 1. Dumb statements like the above are bad enough in the pop press, but I thought DMN was supposed to be more reliable than that.

    • Angelnblue

      I haven’t bought a cd in over a year! I have purchased over 40 33 1/3 or 45’s . I also play them

  4. Ghaud

    It’s cool that vinyl remains to live…let’s enjoy some of this great music.

  5. anon

    In today’s world of primary colors, short attention spans, and most importantly, a reduced valuation of the music industry, people have relegated the listening of music to be a strictly functional and utilitarian affair. Consider the number of folks who are more likely to go through their listening library while jogging, eating, having sex, or whatever. The greatest reward from most art forms comes from total and unmitigated engagement without distraction, lest it’s value is additionally compromised.

  6. Steve

    I buy vinyl, always have, and always will. And play it constantly. I rarely stream anything unless it’s to check it out before possibly buying the vinyl (streamed music sounds shit), and CDs always have been shit. Sound shit too, and stop working after a while. My collection is worth 1000s, but that’s not the point, it’s not an investment, it’s music that I love, and have listened to for years (well, some of it!)

  7. Robb D

    The source of this info is from “ICM Unlimted”? I searched my Google Box and couldn’t find this study. Please, author of this potentially snake oil’d article, please provide links to your sources as every journalist should. Otherwise my click was BAITED with more desperate gibberish.

  8. Mike

    I like to buy CDs, the sound quality is amazing but it’s important to have a great hifi sound system, I don’t spend money or rent music! I like physical music and CDs has the perfect size to colect