10 Years of Music Industry Change (In 10 Seconds or Less)

Based on sales volumes of different recording formats, as a percentage of the whole, since 2006.

This loops a few times, then just refresh the page if you want to see it again!  And, if you want to see an individual yearly breakdown, here they are:


Each yearly quadrant for each year is based on US-based recording format sales data from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).  It’s not proportionate to overall sales volumes, only the percentage that each recording format represents out of the whole.

You may notice that certain formats appear and disappear.  For example, ‘On-Demand Streaming (Free)’ doesn’t appear until 2012, because the RIAA didn’t track this revenue source as a line-item prior.  Others grow or decline rapidly: ‘Music Videos’ are all-but-dead by 2015, while ‘Vinyl’ was almost pronounced dead in 2006.

On ‘Music Videos,’ part of the decline can be attributed to the plunge in DVD sales of videos and concerts, as well as the heavy drop in video downloads from outlets like iTunes.  YouTube’s video-related revenue appears to be counted as ad-supported, free streaming revenue these days.

Want more?

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