The Shocking Reality of Who’s Buying Vinyl

Who's Even Buying Vinyl Records....?Vinyl sales are at their highest since the 90’s.

But who’s buying?

It’s not who you think.  According to a new ICM poll, nearly 50% of vinyl buyers are under the age of 35.  Approximately 16% of people buying vinyl records are aged 18-24 and 33% are aged 25-34.

Who's Buying Vinyl Records....?

Makes sense…sort of.

A growing population of young people are buying vinyl as a fashion statement.  Indeed, some argue that this is merely the ‘trend’ right now (and that’s a big concern for prospective investors).  Vinyl records are even for sale in the American multinational retail store, Urban Outfitters, now one of the largest vinyl retailers in the world.

Complicating matters is that 50% of people who are buying the records aren’t even listening to them.  It’s easy to speculate that it’s probably this same, younger age group that doesn’t even own a turntable (or chooses not to play their LPs).  The older generation see more likely to actually listen to their purchases (imagine that), especially given their attachment to the feeling of listening to analog sounds.

Then again, it is one of the most expensive ways to consume music, so you would expect that the older generation, who generally have a higher disposable income, to spend on such products.  But that sounds like more conventional wisdom, none of which predicted the vinyl resurgence in the first place.

(Image by Stacie DaPonte, Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.o Generic, cc by-sa 2.0)

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    Laurence G

    Even this article can’t explain its resurgence. I’ll tell you why. It’s those darn Millennials who are just trying to screw up the music industry even more than it already is; just like they’re doing with politics. In the end they will be left with both a music industry and a nation that will have to be rebuilt from scratch.

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      No, it’s not millenials. It’s Obama. He’s trying to take our music cuz he can’t take our guns.

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    Why is this shocking? Most of the vinyl collectors in record stores are 20s-30s. The artists and bands selling vinyl at their shows are mostly catering to a young audience as well.

    What about the second-hand market though (such as ebay)? Is that more driven by an older demographic?

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    “But who’s buying? It’s not who you think. According to a new ICM poll, nearly 50% of vinyl buyers are under the age of 35.”

    Uuh, that’s exactly who I thought was buying vinyl these days. Pretty sure we all knew this already.