Turns Out Prince Was a Gay-Bashing Homophobe

Prince was a fearless musical innovator, and known for challenging societal boundaries and gender definitions.  But was Prince gay?  Maybe he wasn’t so comfortable with his sexuality, after all.

Was Prince gay?  Maybe, maybe not.  Here’s what Prince told the New Yorker’s Claire Hoffman in 2008 on the issue of homosexuality and God.

“When asked about his perspective on social issues—gay marriage, abortion—Prince tapped his Bible and said, ‘God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, ‘Enough.’”

Here’s the complete interview.  Check it out for yourself.

The artist was fairly quiet on homosexual issues after that point, even declining to discuss matters like same-sex marriage.  Then, in 2013, the track ‘Da Bourgeoise’ surfaced, a track criticized for being anti-LGBT and homophobic (specifically in reference to a lesbian affair):

Yesterday I saw you kickin’ it with another girl
You was all wrapped up around her waist
Last time I checked, you said you left the dirty world
Well it appears that wasn’t the case
Hey, I see you undercover like the CIA
Snatching little wigs from another bouquet – that’s French
I guess a man’s only good for a rainy day
Maybe your just another bearded lady at the cabaret

I wish I never kissed your [spits in disgust] ugh
Doesn’t replace the memory

Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001, a religion that regards homosexuality as a sin.  It also forbids same-sex marriage as well as sexual immorality (however that’s defined).  The artist is known to have solicited converts door-to-door, and was a devout follower until his death.

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  1. Purple-Headed Love Warrior

    And so, given his lyrics, You are surprised?

    • Anonymous

      I think a lot of people are surprised that Buzzfeed’s, Salon’s and Huffington’s latest hero was nothing but a bigot.

      • oi

        Yes, and let a bigot be a bigot. Anyone who thinks they are a purified saint in the Hegelian absolute is just a lier.

    • DesertFox

      A gay basher? By what, stating an opinion? I love these humanists et al: “There is no right or wrong, we each make our own reality and are our own god”. Then you say something they don’t like and they attack you. The biggest bigots are those who hide behind terms such as homophobe. It’s a means to control the thoughts and opinions of others and quell any opposition. Homophobia? It essentially doesn’t exist and only serves to open a series of questions that buckles their own views. Articles like this are worthless.

        • Don

          He is not homophobic or gay bashing he is stating what god says who’s morality nobody is above. This is an example of the propaganda of LGBT and the media use to get people to except the homosexual lifestyle. Christians do not hate homosexuals but recognize it is wrong. Based on the premise god hates sin but loves his people. We all sin in different ways and just need to recognize it to become better people. Nobody hates gays here that are Christian, this is a deliberate propaganda tactic to make people who say it is wrong based on the bible, to look bad.

        • Toledo Jones IV

          Everyone must kneel before the Progressive Leftist Marxist Golden Calf! Take a knee!

      • Andy

        Homophobia doesn’t exist? How about in Russia where gay men are forced out of their homes for fear of attack or lesbians live under a threat of rape because “that’ll straighten them out”. Your so called issue with Humanists is that they don’t fall for religious bigots so called moral superiority and nothing more. Pointing out someone’s misguided views that are based on a book they decided to read is not censorship of any kind. It’s akin to correcting a child when they state an incorrect fact.

        • ._.

          I agree… Being pansexual in Brunei is actually illegal, and I’m forced to stay closeted by my family. It’s my dream to be able to celebrate pride month.

      • Di

        You are completely correct couldn’t have said it better.

      • Titanium DRagon

        If you believe that people are fine for hating gays, then you must believe it is okay for other people to dislike those who do. If you don’t, it means you’re a hypocrite.

        It isn’t about thought control, it is about people behaving in a prosocial manner. Hating people on the basis of race or sexual orientation makes for a worse society. Obviously, that means that there is no place in a civilized society for bigots.

        Bigots don’t like that, obviously. But that’s how it goes.

        People call it the hypocrisy of tolerance, but it does make sense.

        • Toledo Jones IV

          How is it “hate” for him to follow his religious convictions? Who did he hurt by his beliefs?

          Is Islam evil too?

      • Nustar

        Here here.

        Personally, I can’t think of many things humans get up to that is as disgusting as same gender sex. (Especially men).

        • Someone with Sense

          It’s disturbing to read that there are still people like you in the world.

        • GayLord

          I have two words that sum up my feelings right now… Fuck. You.

          It is DISGUSTING that people like you still exist. Go rot in hell, assbag.

          • Gayhomophobe.com

            You hate yourself for being attracted to men. Closeted gays are the homophobes, this is well documented and scientifically proven. Secure straight men have no issues with gays. Homosexuality exists in all animals and it’s totally accepted in the animal kingdom. Your ignorance and self loathing is not an excuse for bigotry. All humans deserve respect.

    • Robert

      Where’s the bashing? Simply because he paraphrases scripture he’s a homophobe? I presently have a couple of gay friends, had a gay roommate etc. I’m cool with it but my attitude is quit throwing the gay crap, as though it’s as normal as heterosexuality in my face cuz at some point I may have to respond by saying b*llsh*t. Do what you do behind close doors but don’t try to rationalize with bs, I will call you on it. Prince said nothing that isn’t what any normal minded, intelligent person wouldn’t say. Grow up!!

      • Austin

        As brainless as it is tasteless, your comment is textbook self hating reasoning at its worst. I bet you know where all the glory holes on interstate 75 are

    • Kelly

      Prince was Great, allow for people to grow throughout their lifetimes, just like you do. Prince did more to counter homophobia and gender binaries than most artists ever dreamed of.

      • Toledo Jones IV

        The tolerant Left cannot tolerate anything they dislike.

  2. Anonymous

    Great article — this is where you really shine, Paul.

    I can’t believe nobody else talks about this (not on Twitter, anyway).

    • Toledo Jones IV

      Yes, it was very important to attack a man for his religious views, and very brave to do it when he can’t defend himself.

  3. rikki

    that is stooopid………but Trayvon WAS a gay bashing homophobe, he beat Zimmerman because has though he was going to be raped by the cracker.


    When it came to truth, morals, and helping humanity Prince was King!

      • MNLAKER

        If I was the Devil, I’d want everybody to have a same sex marriage so that within a century there would be nobody left. Hell Yes!

        • Anonymous

          With 7bn and counting, that’s really not our worst problem.

        • Anonymous

          “If I was the Devil, I’d want everybody to have a same sex marriage so that within a century there would be nobody left”

          Because gay people can’t have children…

          • Asinine

            Shut the fuck up. No fags can’t have children normally.

    • Malin

      Wrong! Prince was a good poet deluded on sex, religion …

  5. oi

    The world will be a sicker place when everyone is coerced to believe and act in he exact same way.

    Who really cares what he thinks; that was his own business. No one ever had to ask him the question in the first place.

    I don’t care if you think anything you want. Let people say yes and say no to whatever they want or don’t.

      • Toledo Jones IV

        The Left cannot tolerate dissent. We must all think as we are told.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Well, it’s not a crime to speak an opinion like that; you can express some anti-gay religious opinion to the New Yorker whenever you want. The question is whether we should be worshipping and mythologizing someone like that to the degree we are.

      • yh

        If it makes someone happy to worship him, then who has a right to excoriate them?

        Personally I have always found him to be a very talented pop song writer. For all of his albums, not a lot to remember them by. More bubblegum than masterpieces. But people like the showbiz and the schtick.

        • Sky2627

          You know NOTHING about Prince. Please listen to All of his hundreds of albums and thousands of songs from pop , funk, jazz, swing, and every single type of music you obviously have no idea that even musics greats consider Prince the Mozart of our time! He played and mastered over 22 instruments! He gave far more to others thanhe took and he did not willingly take the drug that murdered him . Have some respect and please educate yourself before you so judge an atrtist you shockingly know so little about.

      • Serg

        “The question is whether we should be worshipping and mythologizing someone like that to the degree we are.”

        Who is this “we”? Are you assuming that everyone here is pro-homosexual marriage and pro-abortion?

      • Anonymous

        “The question is whether we should be worshipping and mythologizing someone like that to the degree we are.”
        @paul : You can “worship” the musician without having to worship the human being.

      • Anon

        wirshipping any human being in the expectation that they won’t be without flaws is plain stupid.

        You’ve done this before, he has no recourse to reply, but you’re publishing it now for the purpose of personal gain. Not so perfect yourself.

    • Anonanon


      Everyone should have their own opinion.

      Gay is not normal – that is my opinion. I would happily interact with gay people, I am not theatened by gay people, but its not natural is it?

      And its interesting to note that the 90% of people who support the whole LBGT movement in 2016 would have been against it 10 years ago.

      I have friends that used to say oh you homo or whatever but now say hooray for the rainbow community.

      I am still the same. I love everyone just the same. Black yellow white gay or not I will be your friend. I will however not change how I think or what I say just because society now wants me to.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Outside a church in Buenos Aires, I saw this in grafitti on the front:

      “Pornography is more realistic than religion.”

      • yh

        “Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, alright”

        —John Lennon

        • Anonymous

          A great line from a great artist.

          And the exact opposite of Prince’s message.

  6. Anonymous

    He hated the internet and “big tech” too, so it’s ok.

      • Paul Resnikoff

        The point is that he might have been in a bubble, which can easily happen to people that encounter extreme fame (and wealth). It looks tragically isolating, with a long list of victims. Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Whitney Houston, Kurt Cobain… Prince. You wonder if these people would have lived happier lives if they’d never made it.

        • other hand

          i agree. which is why we need to hear the bad along with the good, so people (especially young creatives) can make clear eyed decisions about careers in the arts, and choices/temptations.

          Just read someting pretty creepy about the Chili Peppers behaviors with women. Pretty gross. The narcissim and sense of entitlement of many famous people is so unspiritual. If we knew about their bad behaviors, maybe they wouldn’t be worshipped.

        • Anonymous

          DMN – right on schedule. Paul pissing on graves is as predictable as the sales increases. The only guy in the “news” that starts googling for dirt while everyone else is celebrating a life. Bravo.

        • Anonymous

          It seems as though you’re projecting your own insecurities onto the deceased. Who are you to judge their lifestyle choices? Yet, because they’re in the public eye, you take that opportunity to bash them to get some hits for Digital Music News. Karma is a real thing, Paul. I wish you the worst you garbage human being.

          • Paul Resnikoff

            It seems as though you’re projecting your own insecurities onto the deceased.

            Not really, just reporting on what Prince stated regarding homosexuality.

            Who are you to judge their lifestyle choices?

            Seems like Prince was the one doing the judging.

            Yet, because they’re in the public eye, you take that opportunity to bash them to get some hits for Digital Music News.

            Well, if my neighbor had said those things, I don’t think anyone would have cared.

            Karma is a real thing, Paul.

            I think karma is a made up force, though there are some elements in which bad or hostile behavior can come back to haunt a person. But that’s usually retribution or payback, i.e., real reactions in reality, not some mysterious force.

            I wish you the worst you garbage human being.

            Wait, would that give you bad karma? You should love thy enemy (or maybe that’s Christianity).

        • Matt Bunsen

          Maybe, but there are plenty of miserable people who never encountered fame…

  7. Amy

    After that comment – his reps came out and said that he was misquoted (as he didn’t allow tape recording or note taking this is highly possible) in an interview in 2009 he basically said he was angry about that interview, that they tried to twist his words. He said that he tried to follow the bible to the best of his abilities – mainly in regards to tolerance and acceptance. He also said that he had many gay friends and that sometimes he’d even do bible study with them. He’d performed with Elton a few times, Been on Ellen’s show. Wendy and Lisa who were apart of the Revolution were Lesbians and still spoke of him with a lot of love – referring to him as like their brother. (hell, their statements the other day in regards to his death sounded pretty heartbroken)
    My guess is that he was probably conflicted about the whole thing. He was very devout so there was likely some homophobia in there but did he hate gay people? I don’t think so.

    • Vail, CO

      That’s called the spin clean-up crew. I believe the New Yorker.

    • Anonymous

      Wendy and Lisa actually ended their relationship with Trevor Horn because of a homophobia issue, so this story is ridiculous.

  8. A Friend Of Prince

    This information is false. He had many gay/lesbian friends and even attended their weddings. He may not necessarily have agreed with their particular lifestyle choices but he never bashed them or stopped supporting them due to their sexuality. He treated people as people regardless of their age, sex, religion, or sexual orientation. He respected people on a decent human being level (which seems to be lost on most people these days) when it came to his personal life.

  9. Hugo B

    “gay-bashing” refers to physical violence against homosexuals – clearly a false accusation, ergo a stupid click-bait headline. And what do you mean by “wasn’t comfortable with his sexuality…”? Are you accusing him of being gay? What non sequitur, idiotic writing.

    (John Lennon committed actual physical violence against at least one woman — so by your logic, his work and life should also be dismissed?)

  10. other hand

    Hagiography never helps. He also courted/dated a 17 year old when he was 32. Legal? I suppose, but certainly creepy.

    Also: he was a major drug addict (percoset, dilaudid). If we are to hear about his the effect his musical genius had on the public, we should also hear about the consequences of his personal choices. His death was almost certainly a result of his lifestyle (he had that ‘save shot’ days before his death.) It is also perhaps very likely that he was HIV positive (the site Blindgossip predicted Prince’s death just days before he died…and hinting that his religion made him stop taking medication), which would have impacted all his partners (and he was known to be promiscuous).

    If his lifestyle choices — drug use, perhaps promiscuity — ends in an early death, should the public know it? I say yes, if we are told about everything else — former lovers, his religious beliefs, etc etc. Knowing that celebrity and fame don’t equal happiness (and can end in early death) could help lots of people make decisions…

    Point being: he’s human. Musical genius yes; life genius no. Hagiography never helps.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s talk about your life decisions thou holy one.

    • PH

      Nothing in the Bible says a 32 year old can’t marry a 17 year old. Actually the Bible doesn’t have anything to say about age when it comes to what’s permissible. On the other hand G-d, who authored the Bible, does call homosexual activity an abomination. That is one big inconvenient truth.

  11. Ryan

    Whether he was or wasn’t is irrelevant. What’s sickening and disgusting is less than a week after he passed you would write something like this. Digital Music News writes mindless garbage all the time. It’s a joke. You’re supposed to be a progressive publication about the industry and instead you use your voice to bash the deceased. You just want to hear yourself talk. What is this article really doing for anyone? Do you think you’re going to get mobs of Prince fans to forget about him because of a 2008 interview? Did you know the guy personally? Better yet, if he was alive today, would you still take the opportunity to take shot at him? It’s unbelievable and seriously disgusts me.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Whether he was or wasn’t is irrelevant.

      I felt it was relevant, and so do many gays and lesbians.

      What’s sickening and disgusting is less than a week after he passed you would write something like this.

      Societally, it’s considered poor form to speak negatively against someone who just died. But that’s a societal convention. I felt this was important to discuss and get out there; people’s lives should be viewed honestly.

      You’re supposed to be a progressive publication about the industry and instead you use your voice to bash the deceased.

      I’m not sure I’m the one doing the bashing here.

      You just want to hear yourself talk.

      I’m American, what do you expect?

      Do you think you’re going to get mobs of Prince fans to forget about him because of a 2008 interview?

      No, I really don’t think anyone forgot about Prince after reading this article. I’m not sure why that would be a goal.

      Did you know the guy personally?


      Better yet, if he was alive today, would you still take the opportunity to take shot at him?


      It’s unbelievable and seriously disgusts me.

      I totally respect that you feel that way, though I disagree with the basis of your questions.

      • PH

        You are more full of hatred then any religious anti gay person I know.

  12. Pau Lanning

    Prince, James Brown, Phil Spector, Bruce Springsteen, Biggie Smalls, Dr. Dre, Keith Richards, Ike Turner etc etc…these are Artists. Entertainers. Not teachers.

  13. Twilight

    Even if Prince didn’t approve of what gay people do sexually,he didn’t HATE them.You’re a coward for waiting for him to die before you posted this slander.You coward.?

    • PH

      That’s a great point. Most anti homosexuality people like us don’t hate gay people. It’s actually the gay supporters that are most guilty of bigotry and hatred, as we see here.

  14. PH

    If true, that’s another great part of the Prince legacy. Of course nobody should be harmed because of their genetics, actual bashing is inappropriate, but it is good to know his moral values were sound.

  15. MyTown

    Personally I think Prince had a lot of issues and he openly admitted that before he converted to JH he did a lot of things he later regretted or later disapproved.

    I read that Boy George (George O’Dowd) was quoted as saying that he and Prince had got it on back in the day..

    I think Prince was a troubled individual and fearful too … he was afraid of people in certain situations and kept a very close circle and maybe he barricaded himself in his multi million dollar fortress compound to escape the world outside.

    If you see the images and listen to the records from prior his conversion to JH you’ll come away with thinking that this person was obsessed with
    love/romance/intimacy/sex connections.. very upfront and not much left to the
    imagination… see the artwork on some of his earlier releases..

    Having said all that and not withstanding his comments (which I don’t agree with and it’s unfortunate he said or implied such things..) – I think Prince was quite an amazing artist and a very driven creative individual.

    I wasn’t really a fan of his music although I did buy the 1999 album (which later I regretted as it wasn’t really that appealing to me) and I purchased the Controversy single and maybe some others… but that style of funk-pop wasn’t really my bag but the hype pulled me in..

    But he certainly left his mark on the world..

  16. Rick Shaw

    Do you expect us to eat this tripe? Bollocks to the story.

  17. LuvLi

    Live & Let Live…til YOU Die…
    Unless you are God, the Creator of the ever-expanding Universes…or some rare earthling who knew Prince Rogers Nelson personally, you really have little of any verifiable validity to state about the Man.

    All of the inane ‘controversy’ regarding all aspects of his Life upon his death are just typical and predictable–unlike the Man, Known as PRINCE.

    But hey, why get a life when you can sit around dissecting his, eh? It’s your finite life to waste though.

    I certainly did not have the opportunity to know him personally, but his artistry has touched my life and millions of people’s lives in a very lasting and personal way.

    Prince was never a promoter of hatred, harm, violence and overt bigotry in his life–no matter what his religious beliefs may have been. He did good in this world and he helped a lot of people to.

    The New Millennium Thought-Police have absolutely no impact on Prince’s impact on my life and the HUGE impact his Life’s Work has left upon our generation on a global scale. His Work and his Works speak for themselves perpetually.

    Belief systems, dogma and rituals are all constructs of human beings and no matter how fervently one believes in anything one can only make it “true” for himself or herself. If you believe it; it’s “true”… If you don’t believe; it’s “true”… FOR YOU!


    Earth is a Free-Will-Planet. Everyone has a right to his or her own personal thoughts and/or beliefs as long as we DO NO HARM to others.
    Prince Rogers Nelson, thank you for sharing your Talent & Creativity with us all… Infinite Light & Love to YOU Prince!
    p e a c e

    LISTEN TO – “Love… Thy Will be Done” Prince rare version on YouTube /watch?v=yb7ny4xxLnA&feature=youtu.be

  18. Dr. Grant Warwick

    TOTALLY agree with Prince. There are a bunch of losers and fools who bash him on this and a few other sites on his anti-gay stance. They call him “washed out”, “has been”, and all the other sour grapes adjectives. I would rather listen to the music of a “washed-out” legend who is worth $300 million and is not afraid to exercise his right to his opinion, just as those who vent at him for his stance. We have seen the outpouring of love he received on his death, disproving all the bullshit some have been spewing. You know what? The gay community gets defensive and bashes everyone who does not agree with them. Tough shit. There is no law that states that everybody else has to agree with the gays. Opinions are like assholes. In this case, those assholes who are at odds with Prince all have one!

  19. blujay1524

    “Someone has a different opinion than me? Well they must be gay-hating homophobes”

    You’re a retard, Paul.

  20. ANonymous

    LOL! I’m sorry but Prince was the biggest “queen” of all time!

  21. rocky

    so he wasn’t gay……he was a drug addicted weirdo. Better check with Jehovah s on that shit.

  22. NCDBL

    How the hell is this “phobic” or “bashing”? Do you want those words to lose all meaning? Stop with the SJW nonsense all the time, please. Thanks.

  23. ian

    camper than a row of tents. most assuredly homosexual. all of his work screams it.

  24. Rosa

    I’m tired of gay people and gay supporters referring to people as ‘gay bashing homophobes’ every time they find out someone is against that disgusting, perverted, Satanic, Pagan, abomination lifestyle that DOES NOT contribute to the continuation of the human life cycle in any way.

    If that’s the case GOD is the biggest ‘homophobe’ because HE says homosexuality is wrong and disgusting and His wrath will come upon those who practice it. He also DESTROYED Sodom& Gomorrah as an example of His distaste for that wicked Pagan lifestyle so if Gays and their supporters have an issue with any of GOD’S commandments take it up with HIM, not HIS people. In the end He will have OUR backs. Don’t say you were never warned.

    • Read the Bible

      There is no winning with people, their hearts are twisted. They don’t know God’s thoughts because they don’t take their time to read the Bible. Also, God has given them free will to serve him if they want to. In the end, everyone will have their own consequences. But yes God does condemn same sex relationships, having sex before marriage and many more things. If you don’t believe it read 1 Corinthians 6:9,10. God hates the act not the people, and always waiting with open hands to forgive those who have repented

    • Reverse Racism is just as Bad!

      betcha a white, faggot, racist, wrote this!

  25. Circleofflame

    Prince, thankfully, was Not gay. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, as was Prince. If he didn’t go along with the gays and their over-the-top opinions, good for him! Prince was by far, not perfect but he tried, in a weird way, to follow his ‘core’ beliefs! The Bible was a major force in Prince’s life and I am glad he tried as hard as he did, to stay ‘grounded’ in his faith and beliefs! It’s not easy when you live the lifestyle of a rock n’ roll star and try to keep yourself ‘reigned’ in and police yourself from the many, many, temptations that are presented to you all of the time! Prince had many painful injuries, so the the Doctors prescribe pills. Your managers, roadcrew, backup singers, family, friends, concert goers, and on and on, offer you every kind of drug known to man (and a few not known to man)! Now, you can pick and choose; what do you choose?! As much as Prince could have taken, it seems that he did try to keep himself under control. However, Prince was larger than life, except where it counted: his body. His constitution just couldn’t hold up under the strain of injuries, sickness, to many pills (for him), the grueling stage show he preformed and generally letting hisself wear down way too much! It was a receive for disaster and death and that’s exactly what happened.
    Prince was a great artist and his opinions are his, that’s his beliefs, so leave him alone! At least he had an opinion, unlike most of these mealy-mouthed, yes men, who have never had a real opinion in their lives!

  26. Mcrae

    First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Stating that someone is a “bigot” or “homophobe” is a fallacy for simply stating what they believe- and not pushing that belief on others. Our ancestors died to fight for these fundamental rights.

  27. Up Yours

    Your mother sucks dicks.i wont be back to read your response .I WIN!???????????

  28. Up Yours