Executive Shuffle: Warner/Chappell UK, Songtrust, Periscope

Executive Shuffle: Warner/Chappell UK, Songtrust, Periscope
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The music industry has undergone some significant changes in recent times, with various executive shuffles taking place across the board. Some of the most notable ones include the hiring of Mike Smith as Managing Director of Warner/Chappell UK by Warner Music Group. Smith, who comes from Virgin EMI, where he worked as President for over three years, will report to Jon Platt, CEO and chairman of Warner/Chappell.

Downtown Music Publishing’s Songtrust has also made some strategic appointments, with Grace Carey joining the company as a Developer. Carey will be contributing to code and will be responsible for full-stack development work and dev-ops. Before joining Songtrust, Carey helped build a suite of internal business and reporting tools at VaynerMedia.

In addition to Carey’s appointment, Songtrust has also promoted Michael Lorenz from Junior Developer to Product Manager. Lorenz will be responsible for improving the quality of software and will lead new features for clients across all Downtown’s platforms.

As part of its technology promotions, Songtrust has also promoted Kyle Thiede from Senior Coordinator to Manager of Publishing Operations. In his new role, Thiede will maintain and develop client relationships and partnerships, as well as work with the developers to build new features and drive system quality.

The changes in the music industry are not limited to the publishing sector, as Twitter’s live video streaming app, Periscope, has also made a significant hiring in Evan Hansen as editor-in-chief. Hansen, who will take on the new role on May 16th, will be responsible for building and growing Periscope’s curators, leading the company’s editorial direction, and collaborating on product initiatives. Hansen came to Medium after working as an editor for over three years.

These executive shuffles follow a trend in the music industry, where companies are looking to bring in fresh talent to help them navigate the changing landscape. The music industry has been in a state of flux for some time, with new technologies and business models disrupting traditional revenue streams. As such, companies are looking for leaders who can help them stay ahead of the curve and adapt to new challenges.

The hiring of Mike Smith by Warner/Chappell UK, for example, is a clear indication that the company is looking to strengthen its position in the UK music market. Smith’s experience in the industry, combined with his strategic vision, will be crucial in helping Warner/Chappell UK achieve its goals.

Similarly, the appointments made by Songtrust highlight the company’s commitment to improving its technology offerings. The promotions of Michael Lorenz and Kyle Thiede, in particular, demonstrate the company’s focus on delivering high-quality software and building strong relationships with clients.

For Periscope, the hiring of Evan Hansen is a clear indication that the company is looking to ramp up its editorial efforts. As live streaming becomes increasingly popular, Periscope will need to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering unique and compelling content. Hansen’s expertise in editorial strategy will be invaluable in this regard.

In conclusion, the recent executive shuffles across the music industry highlight the importance of bringing in fresh talent to help companies navigate the changing landscape. Whether it’s strengthening market position, improving technology offerings, or ramping up editorial efforts, these appointments demonstrate that music companies are taking the necessary steps to stay ahead of the curve.

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