GigSalad Amps Up Payment Process For Artists

GigSalad Amps Up Payment Process For Artists
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GigSalad now offers performers quicker payouts…

Prior to the changes in GigSalad’s direct deposit processing times, it took 1-3 business days with a standard ACH processing time of 3-5 banking days.  Performers had to wait several days, if not weeks to get their deposit payments, which often led to frustrated performers (especially those that were booked for last-minute gigs).

When considering the costs incurred for a gig you can see why the performers felt this way.  There are travel costs, equipment, taking time out of your schedule, etc., all of which could have been used elsewhere.  Accordingly, GigSalad has now made changes to make it more convenient for their performers.  The new direct deposit process takes 1-3 business days, and funds are available immediately due to the new payment solution.

GigSalad invested their time in researching payment methods until they found the ideal service.  They also altered their banking process to find the best integration for their members.  The new service is called Bold Financial Technologies, the same service used by Airbnb, Saucey, and Zirx.

The new adopted direct deposit payment process is the fastest in the industry and is not only a huge selling point for GigSalad but an amazing benefit for artists.

(Image by The Zender Agenda, Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic, cc by 2.0)