Musicians, Check Out Instagram’s New Analytics…

If You're a Musician You Need To Check Out Instagram's Analytics
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Instagram is launching analytics for businesses and brands that use the platform, according to a post on the blog.

The new feature will be called ‘Insights’, and will provide information on the demographic of a users’ followers, including location, age, and gender.  Besides follower analytics there is also a section that will focus on post analytics.

Providing follower analytics is not only useful for businesses who want to know where their audience is, but it also helps to distinguish the best time to post content. It also allows users to see who they are targeting and if they are reaching their desired audience.

Musicians will find this information extremely useful, as it provides the location of their fans.  That makes decisions like where to tour for example a lot easier.  There is also analytical information which allows users to tracks the number of new followers gained on an hourly or daily basis.

If You're a Musician You Need To Check Out Instagram's Analytics
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The post analytics tool tracks the number of times the post has been viewed, and the number of accounts which have seen the post.  Website links that are often in the bio of an Instagram are also tracked to see how often the links are clicked.

Within post analytics there is also a feature that allows you to see the ‘top posts’ of last week or last month, and gives a great visual look at the posts that are performing well and which ones are not.

‘Top posts’ are based on number of impressions.  This information is provided in the format presented below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 15.55.21
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Since the app launched back in 2010, it has experienced exponential growth and there are now over 400 million active users.  It’s one of the most engaging apps in the world, and that translates into marketing power.  Accordingly, brands, marketing companies, and artists alike have taken to the app to connect with their audiences.

Overall, the analytics give a thorough look at the information which a business, marketer or musician would want to know. It has not only created a better way for them to be more effective in the way they share and post images and videos, but it helps with developing stronger user engagement.

Only a small percentage of users currently have the analytical tools, but this is expected to roll out to the wider Instagram audience in the next few months.