Kesha Plans To Re-open California Case Against Dr Luke

Kesha Plans To Re-open California Case Against Dr Luke
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The Kesha and Dr. Luke battle has been ongoing for the past two years, and just when we thought the case was over, the battle continues…

DMN has been following the Kesha vs. Dr. Luke smackdown since the first legal papers were filed in court. The legal dispute has been ongoing ever since and has ultimately been a complicated case with several lawsuits and countersuits that have taken lots of twists and turns.

To date, most of the legal action took place in the state of New York, where all eight allegations made against Dr. Luke — except for one — were dismissed by the judge. Dr Luke has flatly denied the allegations through he case  saying Kesha manufactured lies as part of a ploy to escape her deal with Sony.

Dr. Luke and his record label, ‘Kemosable Records,’ then counter-sued Kesha on the grounds of defamation and breach of contract. Last month, Dr. Luke also filed a subpoena which will see Kesha testify on-camera and under oath about the sexual assault and rape allegations, with the deposition reportedly

Now, according the singer’s legal representative, Kesha is planning to re-open the case in the state of California.  This news comes less than two weeks after Kesha filed court documents at a New York Supreme Court to replace Mark Geragos as lead counsel.

According to reports, the judge in California overseeing the case is ‘surprised’ at this news as the Judge planned to completely dismiss the California case as a result of developments in the court of New York.


Judge Barbara M Scheper, says…

 “If you just present the same arguments to me, that’s not going to be well taken”.


The case continues…

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