Dr Luke Blocks Kesha From Performing at the Billboard Music Awards

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Kesha won’t be performing at the Billboard music Awards in the US on Sunday.

But why?

Well…the singer was planning to talk about her ongoing legal battle with Dr Luke and make a few ‘digs’ at the producer during her on-stage performance, according to a report by The New York Daily News.

News surfaced and Dr Luke, real name ….caught wind of Kesha’s alleged intentions, so Dr Luke’s record label – Kemosabe Records withdrew their permission.

This was after they initially provided the production company behind the award show with a ‘written approval’. However, the approval was ‘rescinded’ after the reports of Kesha’s ‘intentions’ were unfolded in the media.

Mark Branco, Executive Producer, Billboard Music Awards US, says…

“Honestly it would be really disappointing if she can’t be there, what was being planned would be a great moment and a great performance and a great song. We hope that they can work it out because we’d really like for her to be on the show on Sunday night and really show herself as the great musical artist that she is.”

Kesha claims through a post on Instagram, that she had no intentions of bringing up any topics of the legal battle, or Dr Luke during her performance at the awards, and that she simply just wanted to ”sing a song” she loves ”to honor an artist” she has always ”looked up to”.

5 Responses

  1. asdf

    I don’t quite get this. Does Kesha’s contract with Dr. Luke’s company, or whoever, stipulate that the company must approve every live event or performance she does? Even if it’s just singing a Bob Dylan cover, and totally unrelated to Dr. Luke? What am I missing here?

  2. Bam Boo

    Situations like this bring to light the risks and complications of entering into “artist-producer” type arrangements..

    Producers should be very careful who they choose to work with because sometimes artists can turn into little troublesome monsters that you end up wishing you’d never had anything to do with them..

    And if you have a record or production contract with them you’re going to be tied to them for life.. it’s like an unhealthy marriage..

    I bet Dr Luke wishes he’d never laid eyes on this artist….

  3. Greg H

    Kesha is a very mediocre talent at best. The only reason any of us ever heard of her is because Dr.Lukes songwriting and production talent that has spawned many many hits.!!!

  4. Jason Miles

    This is a no win situation for her. The longer this drags out the less relevant she becomes. Did she think there weren’t going to be serious repercussions? I am not saying who’s right or who’s wrong I am saying there was a better way to work this whole thing out than dragging it out in the public.

  5. Fuck CD Baby

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