Executive Shuffle: Spotify, AEG Live, Future of Music Coalition

Executive Shuffle: Spotify, AEG Live, Future of Music Coalition..
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The latest executive shuffles across the music industry…

Spotify has hired Francis Keeling as Head of Global Licensing. Keeling comes from Universal Music Group where he spent 14 years and worked as the Head of Global Digital Business for the label.  Keeling will take on his new role with Spotify from June 1st, and will report to Stefan Blom, Chief Content Officer at Spotify.

AEG Live has hired Jorge Melendez as Chief Financial Officer. Melendez will report to Jay Marciano, Chairman and CEO, AEG Live, and will be responsible for overseeing the division’s financial operations. Melendez will also be responsible for overseeing the regional finance teams and financial governance and risk management across its touring, festival and venue operations.


Future of Music Coalition (FMC) has announced that the current CEO, Casey Rae is stepping down from his role and Dick Huey, the Board President, is stepping up as interim CEO.

As part of the company’s executive shuffle, executive committee members Vickie Nauman and Ken Umezaki will step up to work with the Board of Directors and Kevin Erickson will take on a new expanded role which is effective immediately.


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4 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Mr. Keeling is the one who temporarily KILLED music industry!
    The death wish started with his euphoric green light to Ek’s cashless gospel!

    The rulers at UMG after 10 years of creepy suicide walk towards the cliff are scared now, so they fired the MAN!
    Daniel Ek might run stupid business model but he’s fair man to his business partners.

  2. My Literary Life

    As a matter of fact I had conference with the ‘ Eastern Star Of Death ‘ and the ultimate light that guides the spirits of the , Holy Jihad Ghost , wants an entire , Bank Of New York Mellon , building in rubble and so the demolition eXperts need to ride as well . . .; your friendly neighborhood terror poet , Literati X