Breaking: Live Nation Starts Cancelling Hip Hop Shows After T.I. Shootout…

Live Nation Cancels Shows After Fatal Shootout At T.I. Show Last Week
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Live Nation is being extra cautious after the T.I. concert shootout…

Last week at a T.I. concert, a gunman opened fire at Irving Plaza at approximately 10:15 pm.  That was right before T.I. was due to perform on stage, creating pandemonium and chaos instead of the expected rap show.  In the end, the shooting left one fatality and three others injured.

The New York rapper Troy Ave, also known as Roland Collins, was the person who was charged with attempted murder after the shootout.  Collins has pleaded not guilty to all charges at a Manhattan Criminal Court, and Collins attorney Scott Lemon has persisted that Collins ”is the real victim” here, as he only acted in self defense.

Now, Live Nation have decided to cancel or postpone six upcoming New York shows, mainly by hip hop artists.   The nixed gigs include Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, and others.  Overall, four out of the six affected involve rappers, but according to sources, the decision was not based on genre, but the fact that the shows were scheduled the weekend after the incident occurred.

A spokesperson for Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre told Rolling Stone that…

“In light of last week’s tragic event, we are acting with an overabundance of caution and coordinating a going forward strategy with the New York Police Department that may also include a curfew.”

At this point it is unknown if Live Nation will cancel any other upcoming shows, but they are being cautious and taking extra precautions to prevent any further possible incidents occurring.

5 Responses

  1. Joda

    Too bad that they don’t know the difference between the crowds of Joey Bada$$ or Mac Miller vs. TI’s crowd.

    It shows how old and out of touch the Live Nation bosses are.

  2. CDan

    Wrong, if it was a bunch of crackers at a country concert, LN would do the same goddamn thing. Understand that LN is a company – they do business – business means risk and when that risk results in (worst – shooting and death) or even just loss or legal shit coming down … they pull the plug. There’s racist shit out there in the concert business for sure … but in this case read what they wrote “overabundance of caution” – meaning business. The law that all concert business pros use is the same – “should have known” and “did everything prudent and necessary.” That’s their rules. It ain’t about crackers or rappers or Mac Miller or Joey Bada$$.

    • Al Fortuna

      Not to many murders at ” cracker” concerts that I can recall.

    • Kevin

      My band was supposed to play one of the shows. We play rock and roll. This had nothing to do with genre, this is Live Nation complying with the NYPD to reassess security protocol.