Here’s the Official Prince Autopsy Report

The official Prince Autopsy Report, released June 2nd, 2016 by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office.

Most fans had no idea that Prince was a user.  But according to a Prince autopsy report released this morning, heavy drug use culminated in a tragic overdose.

Specifically, the official cause of death is listed at ‘Fentanyl toxicity,’ i.e., a drug overdose from an extremely potent type of painkiller.  Typically, fentanyl is administered for heart surgeries and late-stage cancer victims, with an immediate burst of extreme opioid effects.  This is one of the most powerful drugs in the world, and is described as carrying 100 times the potency of morphine, and 50 times the potency of pure heroin.

All of which opens the question of how Prince obtained such a powerful prescription, which was obviously too much for his body to handle.  Typically, the drug is administered to people experiencing excruciating pain, and carries a very high risk of fatal overdose.

Already, a list of suspect doctors is circulating.  The could lead to a fallout resembling Conrad Murray, the doctor who injected the fatal last dose to Michael Jackson.

Another possibility is that Prince obtained the drugs illegally, possibly through a faked prescription.  Either way, the tragic death highlights the growing use of opioids in America.  Over the past few years, America has witnessed sharp spikes in heroin, potentially based on tightening regulations around legal painkiller prescriptions.  In that light, Prince’s tragic death is already being viewed as a wake-up call.

Harsh words from Gene Simmons.

The autopsy ruled out suicide.  But some critics — including Kiss bassist Gene Simmons — have asked if there’s really a difference here.  “But how pathetic that he killed himself,” Simmons blasted.  “Don’t kid yourself, that’s what he did.  Slowly, I’ll grant you… but that’s what drugs and alcohol is: a slow death.”

Simmons later apologized for the remarks.

Prince’s autopsy report also confirms that the singer was cremated shortly after his death.  That will hopefully curb lingering conspiracy theories related to the singer’s final resting place.  Thankfully, conspiracy theories about faked deaths and other nonsense surrounding Prince have been minimal.

The official date of death was April 21st, 2016.  That’s when Prince was found collapsed and unresponsive in the elevator of his home.

31 Responses

  1. BamBoo

    Very sad situation indeed.. it highlights that you can have all the wealth and success in the world but the human body is fragile and can only take so much..

    We all wear out eventually.. that’s life.. tragic when situations like this occur where it’s a case of it needn’t had been..

  2. Emily Hamilton

    I loved Prince! He brought me and my family so much joy! We hold no judgments. XOXOXO Rest In Peace Purple One The Original True Funk Soldier!

  3. Stacey

    Maybe Prince knew what he was doing after all the years of use. It seems like he knew what he was capable of.
    Stacey from NC. ?

  4. AM

    Exactly where in that report does it state that he was as you state ‘a user’? This was not a simple heroin or cocaine overdose it was fentanyl. This medication is not solely used in cancer treatment and the vast majority of patients I have nursed using fentanyl did not have cancer! It is a medication that can be used in the treatment of chronic pain and has good results due to low incidence if some of the more common side effects seen with opioid painkillers. It indeed has to be used with care due to it being an opioid but there are many reasons why it could have reached a toxic level in his system without it having to be that he was abusing it. In the absence of any evidence that her was indeed ‘a user’ or he was actually abusing fentanyl maybe stick to the facts a not scandalise the information.

    • Zanele

      Thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. I believe not everything we read about Prince is true. People like to smear other people’s name. Your explanation is top top

    • Kari

      Replying to your comment nearly a year later(hopefully you will note it) and I want to thank you a trillion for stating fentanyl can be used for other Chronic Pain illnesses!!! I’m so tired of reading and hearing it be repeated it’s only for Cancer patients!!! It really gives a poor representation of the medication as a good medicine for severe pain!

    • Joe Snow

      He was admitted to a hospital shortly before his death and a “save” shot was administered. You do know what that is, right? If he had been prescribed this legally, then he shouldn’t have needed the shot if he was using it correctly. If he wasn’t using it correctly, then by definition that means he was abusing it.

      • QueenAbalo

        Not necessarily. Someone can need Narcam and not be abusing a drug or drugs. There are accidental overdoses which is what happened here. Now my question is how did they know to use that the week before on the plane ride home? That means someone on that plane knew he’d taken something he shouldn’t have and should have left him alone a week later!!!

        • Anonymous

          Absolutely! I always thought that, it didn’t make sense to leave him alone in that huge mansion by himself if he was that bad an addict. Why would you leave a drug addict with all if those drugs without a nurse or doctor to monitor him especially since he was going to rehab the following morning.

    • Sam, M.D.

      Exactly! Fentanyl Transdermal patches are commonly used for chronic pain patients, for many reasons other than cancer pain.

    • Carmen

      A week or two before he passed he was in the hospital in Moline, IL for an apparent overdose. He was supposed to stay in the hospital but checked himself out. One article I read said that he was abusing Oxycontin or Oxycodone, I don’t remember which, but they were cut with Fentanyl, and he may not have known that. A lot of dealers cut street drugs with Fentanyl to get people hooked faster. So, Prince may have been looking for Oxycontin/Oxycodone and got a “bad” batch. No matter what happened, he is truly missed, will always be one of the greatest of all times, and his death was tragic.

  5. Jerry

    People abuse opioids not because of physical pain. But more likely it imitates peace inside oneself. For awhile. But it will demand more to offer the same. And it delivers less. Then it tricks you so that your need for it is paramount just so your not sick.

  6. Missy

    He was hiding addiction & pain to people who have everything , but fail to give life itself As a gift , perfection doesn’t exsist , neither does life – we all perished

  7. Curious

    I am a nurse and I still have a lot of questions about Prince’s death, The report really doesn’t answer much. Like, some early reports were that Prince had injection marks on his arms and on his body. I know they gave him the save shot of narcan when he O.D. a couple of nights prior to his death, so maybe there would be one injection mark on his arm from that. Also, this is a bit difficult to talk about for some people, but massive opiates like those make a person severely constipated. That alone can make someone so sick that their body becomes toxic…In the Hospital we see that a lot with patients on major opiates and their bowels shut down and they sometimes die just from that. Also, the toxicology report , which I have not seen, but early sources said he had benzos in his system as well as opiates. That may or not be true, but I would be interested in a Toxicology report. Another thing, I know that Prince has a video recorder and sound recorder in EVERY room of his house, he has for most of his adult life. So my question is, Where is the recording of the elevator where he died. That footage will tell a lot of information. Like, was he stumbling to walk or was he walking fine, did he administer his drugs in the elevator and die immediately or did he give himself a shot or did he take the drugs orally or did he take the drugs before he got in the elevator. All of this is necessary to make a judgement call about manner of death. It could have been suicide. Or it could have been an accident. Early reports said that Prince had the opiates on him, in his pants pocket at the time of his death. So many questions and no answers. I wish we knew for sure what happened. RIP sweet Prince

    • bri

      if he had the opiates in his pant pockets I would assume he was administering them himself…wouldn’t you???

    • Kathy

      Being epileptic would be a cause for the benzos. Chronic hip pain would be cause for opiates.

      • BigLoader

        @Kathy: Benzos include Xanax, Valium and Ativan — drugs for anxiety…..
        The same med that Heath Ledger had in his body…..take enough, in conjunction with opiods, and it can shut down respiration…

  8. QueenAbalo

    Almost two yrs since his passing and I’m still angry that he was left alone. On the plane ride home the week before, his so called friends were in that plane, saw what happened, and were trying to get him help. THEN WHY LEAVE HIM ALONE? I know he was very private but I would have handcuffed my ass to a banister or something!!!

  9. Luv1Another

    All this speculation. Well, only Prince & God know what truly happened. All those years of performing took its toll Prince. I truly appreciated him. I will dearly miss him. Not a day goes by that I dont miss him. All the pain is gone now. I pass no judgement. None of us are perfect. All of us have made bad decisions. All my love to him and his family. Time to rest Prince.

  10. LOK

    Gene Simmons lost a fan
    I’m sure that fucktard worshiped Elvis and would have never said that shit about him or the rest of the rock Patheon that died of accidentally overdose and abuse…

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  12. Robin

    Why can’t anyone be forced. To fess up the truth. . caught it up m.f. !