Imagine a Music Festival That Only Admitted Women…

A Glastonbury ‘safe space’ will also allow transgenders identifying as women.

One of the largest music festivals on the planet is now preparing a new experiment for women attendees.  According to details confirmed by organizers, a women-only ‘safe space’ will be opened within the main festival, which kicks off in less than one month.  Of course, that means no guys allowed, though transgenders identifying as women will be admitted into the cordoned-off area.

The space will be tucked away in the Shangri-La section of the festival, and run by an organization called The Sisterhood.  The group dubbed this ‘the 1st ever women only venue’ on Twitter, though the rationale for the space seems less celebratory and pro-women, and frankly, more anti-male.  “The producers of The Sisterhood believe that women only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit only men,” the festival organizers told Noisey. “Oppression against women continues in various manifestations around the world today, in different cultural contexts.”

Whether the initiative will be embraced by women attending the event is the next question.  A substantial number of attendees travel in groups with both sexes, and entire families have always been a part of Glastonbury.   But the bigger question is whether women at the festival actually feel uncomfortable or oppressed by men at the event, which is a major reason behind its construction.

Predictably, some backlash is already surfacing.  Indeed, the first response on Twitter to the announcement — from a woman — questions whether a men-only space will also be created.  “Yay for segregation!” Isobel Fielder ‏(@IssyFielder) blasted.

“Now there’s an area you can’t go if male!?!  There’d never be a men only venue… Where’s the equality?”

Glastonbury officially kicks off June 22nd, with headliners including Muse, Coldplay and Adele.  A crowd of more than 135,000 is expected.


Image by Personal Creations (CC by 2.0).

8 Responses

  1. ©

    I guess its good to allow people to be ‘separate but equal’. Oh wait, we kinda got rid of that mentality in the 1960s.
    Oh well, regressive culture FTW

  2. Anonymous

    There already was one. It was called Lilith Fair.

  3. Idiocy Safe Space/

    great. All we need now is a black only space, a jew only space, a muslim only space, a left-handed only space, a redhead only space, etc…
    I thought these kind of events were an occasion to try and unite and mix everyone, but apparently segregation is the new unite.

  4. Normandie Wilson

    Your subheading should read “…will also allow trans women”.

  5. Versus

    Go for it. But then you must allow “male only” spaces as well.

  6. Anonymous

    There was there was the Michigan Womyn’s music festival that lasted for decades in Michigan and attended by thousands. I’m surprised the author didn’t reference it. It failed because Trans women were not allowed to participate. I wonder how this festival will deal with that issue.