Grand Jury Wants Troy Ave Charged For T.I Concert Shootout

Grand Jury Wants Troy Ave Charged For T.I Concert Shootout
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But, Troy Ave claims it was self-defense…

Two weeks ago at a T.I. concert, a gunman opened fire at Irving Plaza at approximately 10:15 pm.  That was right before T.I. was due to perform on stage, creating pandemonium and chaos instead of the expected rap show. The venue had approximately 950 people in attendance when the shootout took place. But, the gunman opened fire in a more secluded place within VIP. In the end, it left one fatality and three others injured.

The New York rapper Troy Ave, also known as Roland Collins, was the person who was charged with attempted murder after the shootout.  The person who was killed during the shooting was Collins bodyguard Ronald McPhatter, and Collins himself was one of those that were injured due to a gun shot to the leg.

Collins has pleaded not guilty to all charges at a Manhattan Criminal Court, and Collins attorney Scott Lemon has persisted that Collins ”is the real victim” here, as he only acted in self-defense.

Despite pleading not-guilty, Collins has been officially indicted on attempted murder charges and two felony weapon charges, according to a report by Pitchfork. It has also been reported that Collin is being held without bail and will be due back in State Supreme Court on June 22nd.

(Image by Beth Cortez-Neavel, Creative Commons, Public Domain)