Breaking: Apple Music Hits 15 Million Subscribers

Apple Music Hits 15 Million Subscribers
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Today (June 13th) Apple announced that it has now surpassed 15 million subscribers.  That’s half of Spotify.

The news was revealed by Apple executive Eddy Cue, who announced the new number during a keynote at WWDC.

What’s surprising about this milestone is just how quickly the service has managed to rack up millions of users.  It was only in February of this year that DMN announced Apple Music hitting 11 million subscribers.  To put Apple Music’s growth into perspective, Spotify took 6 years to hit 10 million paying users.

Apple Music has added another two million users in just two months.

The platform entered the music streaming market last year, and has managed to hit 15 million subscribers one year from launch.

But, how is Apple Music growing so quickly? Well, partly due to the fact that people associate Apple with quality products that hold value, both on the hardware and software side.  That brand power and reputation is undoubtedly a key factor in the early success of the service, with heavy advertising and an integrated hardware+software advantage cementing the trajectory.

Then there’s also the fact that Apple has a massive global reach.  The service is now in 50+ more countries than major rival Spotify, a critical factor towards achieving bigger scale.

15 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    And the new appleMusic interface looks MUCH cleaner and easier to use now ( now as in this fall with iOS 10 ). This will probably accelerate its growth even more.

    • Remi Swierczek

      I am not impressed!
      $9.99 in US
      $5.50 in Poland
      $1.83 in China
      as they add millions of subs the price will gravitate to $2.00 per month.
      50M subs at $4AVG. = less than $2.5B dollars per year – total disgrace comparing to
      1999 CDs = $67B after inflation adjustment.

      Conclusion: $200B of music goodwill obvious to an idiot compressed to $15B of subs and ads at UMG suicidal wish!

  2. Anonymous

    OK, I didn’t think they would make it this far.

    How much are they paying again — and can you upload music videos?

  3. so

    It would be interesting to know the conversion rate of Apple Music, given the amount of Apple devices in circulation. It’s impressive that they have roughly half the amount of subscribers, but take into consideration the pool of customers that they interact with on a daily basis, with Apple Music one click away.

  4. Tom

    I hate the new Apple Music interface. Why is it all such a bright white? I much prefer Spotify’s darker interface.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I agree that completely white background is horrendous. Sorry, but Spotify looks miles better than Apple Music.

  5. Anonymous

    Clean if you want to go blind when you look at the completely white background. Back to the drawing board Apple!

    • Mike

      Yeah, I don’t think they wanted to go with a design like they were totally ripping off of Spotify, therefore the all white background. I don’t get it. I liked the old interface better than this new interface from Apple Music. Guess, its back to Spotify which looks much cleaner to me and its very easy to look at.

    • Ek-cellent

      “Clean if you want to go blind when you look at the completely white background. ”

      Yes, because people spend the whole time looking at their iPhone’s Music app interface while listening to music…

      Lol at the Spotify Community Manager’s team…Try harder next time, and justify your salary better.

      • TheFuturist

        Spotify is so much better than Apple Music its not even funny. Shut your mouth. I’m sure you’re an Apple schill. I got Apple shit too buddy but at least I know Spotify is still the better music streaming app!

  6. Paul Resnikoff

    Yeah, but has anyone used the new interface?

    • TheFuturist

      I saw it being demo’d at WWDC. I don’t need to use it to know that Spotify is still the best music streaming app in the world.

  7. Nicky Knight

    This is good news for artists, producers, songwriters, labels, publishers..


    Because iTunes has long been the bread and butter of the recorded music business and with Apple Music the two can work side-by-side and Apple do account to their content providers.

    • TheFuturist

      Another reason why Apple Music sucks is their inability to not fuck with the music you already have on your phone. I.E, changing artwork and deleting the music you already own when you use Apple Music and are required to use their Cloud manager. No thanks, I want my own personal music not touched by Apple Music’s cloud library! Spotify all the way, thank you very much.

      • TheFuturist

        And before you even say anything, I own a fucking iPhone and a Apple TV so I do love Apple, but not fucking Apple Music. It’s a DISASTER!