A List of Every Item Discovered by Police In Michael Jackson’s Residence

Please note: there are no images of the items listed in this report.  If you want to see the images, go to the leaked report as published by Radar Online, here (NSFW, possibly disturbing depending on your sensitivity).

[Pages not in order; listed how they appear]

Page 4:

Evidence Item #507. Piece of notebook paper, with drawn image of boy inside a circle.

Impressions of writing from words written on other sheets on top of this one in the pad; indecipherable words.

Evidence Item #508. Book with images of ‘nude teenagers and/or young adults’

Located in upstairs library area of video/game room.  The book was titled, The Fourth Sex: Adolescent Extreme, with no listed author.

The investigator noted that this book focuses on ‘adolescents and counter culture,’ contained lots of images of semi-clothed or naked ‘teenagers and/or young adults’ and actually isn’t illegal under US law.  But, it represents a tool that could be used to ‘lower the inhibitions of intended victims’ and ‘facilitate the molestation of said individuals’.

Evidence Item #509. Book with pictures of nude children.

The hard cover book is titled Cronos, by author Pere Formigeura, contains images of nude children of both sexes, as well as adults.  Same location as item #508.

Evidence Item #510. Disneyland plastic bag containing underclothes and bloodied bed linens.  The Garden City bag also contained:

  • a bright orange pair of shorts, size 4, ‘possibly for a young girl’.
  • a new pair of Spiderman socks.
  • child-sized, off-white t-shirt.
  • pairs of gray, white, and blue child socks.
  • a significant amount of clothing for an adult male.

Evidence Item #517. Compact disc.

Contents duplicated at police crime lab, before returned to evidence bag.

Evidence Item #302.  Pornographic magazine.

The Best of Club, Issue no. 201.   Also suspected by the inspecting officer to be ‘grooming’ materials.

Page 3.

Evidence Item #505.  Books with pictures of nude children.

Three books, containing ‘photographs of nude and partially clothed children’.  The investigator noted that the books contained images of partially clothed or naked children, as well as images of nude adults with children’s faces morphed on top.  This technique may be used to sexualize and lower the inhibitions of a victim, according to the report.

Page 7.

Evidence Item #303.  Three books containing nude photographs, including those of teenagers and pre-teenagers.

Naked and semi-clothed images of women ‘in sexually explicit poses,’ as well as naked men as filmed by a gay photographer.  One book contained semi-clothed or fully-nude teenagers or pre-teenagers, according to the report.

Evidence Item #304.  Two pornographic magazines, two ‘nude art books’

Magazines were Barely Legal and Girls of Penthouse, with one book titled, The Gynoids Genetically Manipulated.  That book contained, according to the report, ‘appeared to have a fetish (bondage, Sadomasichism, piercings, etc.) related theme’.

Page 8.

Evidence Item #305.  Photograph of McCauley Caulkin.

Taken on set from a Home Alone movie, comically signed by the actor.

Page 9.

Evidence #306. Pornographic magazine inside a metal briefcase.

Couples, Volume 7, Issue 2.

Evidence #307. Book with pictures of nude men.

The models are posing only, and not in sexually explicit or suggestive poses.

Evidence #309. Black leather laptop bag containing pornographic magazines and DVDs, several sheets of paper.

Of the pieces of paper, one simply contained the words, ‘Paris and me’.  Another was a Guess ad ripped from a magazine.  The DVD was separated into evidence number #309-A.  Other items in the bag included a pen, business card from Goldman Sachs, ripped-up fax pertaining to a concert details, batteries, jewelry, children’s book, some handwritten notes, and a syringe.   It also contained a letter from a counselor at the Gary Community School Corporation, arranging plans to bring children to visit California in the first half of 2004.

Also included were notes between Jackson and Gavin Arvizo, who later accused the pop star of molestation.

The DVDs were the following titles: Michael Ryan’s Believe It or Not, which featured hardcore pornography, and Sloppy Dogs Presents: Fuck Me, I’m a Bad Girl.

There were also two issues of Gallery, a pornographic magazine.

Evidence Item #313. Book containing nude photographs.

No images sexually explicit in nature.

Other items described in court filings (contained within the same document stack):

Book: ‘Boys Will be Boys,’ contains full frontal nudity of boys under the age of 14; personally inscribed by Michael Jackson.

Book: ‘In Search of Young Beauty,’ containing pictures of children, boys and girls, some nude.

Book: ‘The Boy, a Photographic Essay,’ containing images of boys, some nude.

Photograph: Noted in the document as ‘believed to be Jonathan Spence; fully nude.’

Photograph: young boy holding an umbrella, with bikini bottoms partially pulled down.

Evidence Item #363:

12 pornographic magazines;

12 nudist magazines, vintage 1930s.

Evidence Item #364: ‘The Chop Suey Club’

Photo book, young adult male models, some nude.

Evidence Item #365: Pornographic books, including images of naked children.

‘The Christy Report’, nude images from the 1940s, some described as sadomasochistic.

‘Robert Maxwell Photographs,’ various images, including those of children.

Evidence Item #366: Several books, containing images of nude men and children.

Nude images of a nude male couple, another contained nude images of men from the 1800s.  Photos of teenage males nude, images of adults with childrens’ faces morphed on top, some nude photos of children.

Another book, Man: A Sexual Study of Man, described as a ‘graphic primer for homosexuals,’ including pictures of masturbation, oral and anal sex, homosexual erotica.

This evidence group also includes ‘two dozen nudist magazines’.

Evidence Item #301: Five pornographic DVDs.

Includes ‘Pimps Up – Ho’s Down,’ plus 4 ‘Barely Legal’ DVDs.

Items found across several laptop computers:

(also from subsequent court papers now released and added to the documentation)






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  1. Angie

    Why wasn’t this used to charge him? Why bring this up now? It’s too late, he’s dead, all it does, it will hurt his children.

    • Ricky Bobby

      And the victims, you don’t care about them? If it happened…

    • Bill

      No, Angie, it will settle once and for all that we all facilitated serial child molestation on a massive scale by buying tickets, albums, and enjoying (dry heave!) his music which guaranteed airplay and translated in to ASCAP/BMI fees which made him rich, which allowed him to pay off all the people who must have known. Most or all of those people are still alive, and still making money off his legacy in one way or another—that is, unless we dump all that we own of the Jacksons, and complain when we hear it on the radio or on the muzak in the department store, etc. As a musician who played his songs for many years at weddings, I am especially disgusted that I was used as a conduit to perpetuate his wealth and the means by which he committed these atrocities. We were all deceived, but we all clung to a very dubious hope that what looks like a child molester, sounds like a child molester (“Pretty Young Thing”???) wasn’t in fact: a child molester.

      • King

        Innocent on all charges people!! INNOCENT ON ALL CHARGES PEOPLE BY A COURT OF LAW!!!!



        • JL

          100 percent wrong. A “not guilty” verdict does not mean he was or is innocent. It means the case was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt, or it could be that the jury overlooked the evidence due to who the defendant was.

        • SIN

          This is why people don’t like black people, you know that right?

          • Eddie

            You know why people don’t like racist like you–Because you’re to stupid to realize how stupid you are–

          • Eddie

            You know why people don’t like a racist like you–is because you are to asinine to realize just how stupid you sound–

          • B rad

            Ummm sorry but most people don’t really consider Michael Jackson black lol…

          • Anon

            Actually, black men and hispanic men rape at a far higher rate than white men. # of white men are only higher, because there are far more white men in the country than black and hispanic men.

            Its insane at how many people fail basic statistics.

        • timmy

          They can’t hurt him “know” more huh? If you were a little bit smarter you’d know how to write a grammatically correct sentence. He got away with it because he was rich as fuck and loved by millions. That does not make him innocent. That makes him above the law. I doubt you knew him personally so how the fuck do you have a leg to stand on in your mindless “innocent” stance? If your still denying that he did anything wrong with all of the evidence that has been released, you obviously are retarded as fuck and need to be put down.

          • Yolamser

            You slammed the grammar then put your instead of you’re. You cunt. Shame.

          • Eddie

            And you were there and saw what went on–Amazing how stupid some people are–

          • Anonymous

            Even the accusers who were on the stand couldnt even keep the stories straight! Even the mom was not a credible witness on the stand!they listened to the boy and the mothet 5 days! And jurors said the evidence was just not there to create reasonable doubt!

          • Alex

            Didn’t you me YOU ARE (you’re) not your.

            Dearly dear

        • Leigh

          Of course, because appeals and new trials due to new evidence, that never happens in the real world, right?

        • John

          Yeah and so was O.J. Simpson. He didn’t do it haven’t you read his book. Court of law can’t be manipulated or paid off at all.

          • jman

            and so reading a book really makes you believe a murderer was “innocent” fucking asshat

        • S

          He paid off the. Family of thev12:year boy who had. Cancer. And they. Swept it under the.rug Because he is black. And liberals. Rascist Black’s will. Play the race. C

        • Me

          Saying he’s innocent just proved the court was stupid. Look at the evidence found. Ever do something you shouldn’t have done and then blamed it on your sibling and then they got in trouble for it? Does that mean they were actually guilty because you weren’t caught? Does it mean you were innocent? People get away with things all the time. Stupid ass…

        • Samuel

          Jackson was found innocent by a group of Americans, chosen by other Americans and prosecuted under a law system that also found OJ Simpson innocent, has a huge amount of theatrics involved when it involves a ‘Celeb’ or ‘loved’ public figure. This is NOT in any way an attack on the fact that all of the above are American in nature, hell no. French legal system is filthy. Italian even more so. British system isn’t worth sat either.
          The absolute bottom line to all arguments for and against Jackson getting off of a heinous number of crimes against children is exactly THAT, he DID get away with it. He was guilty of grooming, sexually abusing and then lying about what he did to a selected group of young children. His loyal supporters whom were outside the court houses were pretty much brainwashed / indoctrinated into not believing anything negative about Jackson.
          What can be done about it now? To Jackson, nothing as he’s a corpse. To the sewer that he’s left behind in his wake? That’s far simpler. Remove all of Jackson’s music from sale. No longer play any of his stuff on the radio, on line or on TV. Seize all of his funds, goods, material and all remaining property and destroy what can be destroyed. The rest, that gets shared out between children’s charities. Property of his? Demolish and clean away. The people/ celebs that helped cover up for decades what he was doing? Seize all their funds & property and donate to children’s charities. They are as guilty as Jackson himself. There punishment would need to be a sentence of life without parol and if it’s found they were directly involved in any of the horror that he commited, you have to explore a sentence of death penalty.

          Jackson was guilty. The people that helped him and had knowledge of what he was doing, guilty also.

          No more can be allowed to go hidden and lied about.

          • Tom M

            Well said.

            He’s done more than just molest children.

            He’s not dead , so much to say

            He should be in prison though

            Thank you for your true comment

          • SK

            Completely agree with you. And these people reap what they sow. MJ only lived three years after his acquittal. That was justice.

          • Harlon

            I don’t agree at all that his music and video should be deleted forever from history. That would solve nothing. It’s a part of popular music history.

        • Anonymous

          So by the logic OJ was “innocent” too? Look Up “Not Guilty” vs “Innocent.” Educate yourself.

        • Anonymous

          I agree if this was collected and not used shame on them , if so why not ? Who got paid? So leave it alone !!!!

        • SK

          He was acquitted, but that doesn’t mean he was proven innocent. He was never proven innocent.

        • Kurt

          Innocent in court doesn’t mean he didn’t have sex with kids. He had expensive lawyers is all his “not guilty” verdict proves. The 1% don’t play by society’s rules. He never would’ve survived prison though, he would have committed suicide if he’d gone to prison.

        • Becca Bee

          Not innocent moron, nobody said Innocent, just not enough evidence. Read the transcripts how that jury got persuaded into that is mind blowing. People get convicted with half of what they found on that man.

        • Chris

          Replace Michael Jackson with your neighbor across the street from you and your kids.. Comment again.

        • MJ dead!! YAH.

          You are just as putrid as him. He is burning in hell right and it makes me want to dance! You see I hate pedo not like you that loves them, lol you fuckwit.

      • Anonymous

        It is just a song name Michael Jackson i swear on my life is not a pedo

        • Anonymous

          So it is normal for 38 year old men to sleep in bed with and tote around young boys with him wherever he goes? If you think any of his behavior was normal then clearly you are just as sick as he was. Also heard he was being put under the propothol at night to keep him from molesting his own kids. So hope he is burning in hell

      • Anonymous

        world is full of shit, just live with it, you are not going to do any difference.

      • chris

        Now because he’s dead and can’t silence everyone with his billions!!!!!

        • Eddie

          How in the hell do you know what he did–Was you sleeping over at his place–

          • Gabry

            was you sleeping? were you sleeping…. go back to school

      • C

        I’m not. A rascist oj might be inocent read my brother the serial. Killer but. Mj is a typical petiphile

        • LadyM

          You are correct .The signs were as plain as the nose on a face but MJ fans are blind.
          Always associating with children. Not normal for a grown man.
          His mansion displayed typical pedo items. Filled with toys.
          The fact that he actually slept in his bed on multiple occassion with a child is more than creepy. Its called child molester and he got away with it because of who he was. He isn’t anymore

    • Tom M

      Oh he’s not dead and hurt his children, hm prepare for a rude awakening.

      He’s went beyond molestation

      Jury bribed

      • Anony

        Huffington post is not credible at all lmao, find a legit source.

    • Angel

      Becose is false/not true…otherwise they would had enough to charge him

      • Santo

        Yeh. All innocent people have nude pics and videos of naked children in their house. Especially in a hidden underground bedroom..

    • Anonymous

      Should we say the same about Jimmy Savile then…..he’s dead so therefore let’s leave it!

    • Michelle

      I think they new he was guilty away back then so why did they make it go away then now its all getting let out the bag so what is the agenda of all this now he’s dead

    • jenny

      Because all of it is completely legal. Of the stuff that actually is porn, it’s for heterosexual, straight men. This should act as more evidence that he was a straight man, this is absolutely not evidence that he is a pedophile at all.

    • jenny

      Because all of it is completely legal. Of the stuff that actually is porn, it’s for heterosexual, straight men. This should act as more evidence that he was a straight man, this is absolutely not evidence that he is a pedophile at all.

    • Silence idiot

      Fake news
      The real pedos are the one who killed him and paid idiots to talk

    • Lyn

      Because its not true, Tomorrow Sneddon also got caught trying to docture pornographic evidence against Michael but the moron chose a book that was issued long after the Arvizos were at Neverland. People need to use common sense. If they found child porno he would’ve been under the jailhouse. The Arvizos had pulled this same molestation scam on JC Penny and their father already.

  2. Bob

    If he was in possession of child porn, why wasn’t he charged? That is a crime. Smells fishy to me.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I really don’t know the answer to that, especially after reading this entire report. But I started to think there are some lines that Jackson somehow didn’t cross: the report kept saying that Jackson wasn’t technically guilty of child pornography, which I really didn’t understand. Isn’t possession of images of naked children enough to qualify? Guess I need a lawyer to chime in here.

      • Jeffrey

        As a Jackson fan still on the fence of veracity concerning Jackson’s pedophilia, a careful reader will notice that not one of these items is actually child porn, as not one of them contains images of children in suggestive or sexual acts… While some of the images may be very bizarre, the context of them being in mostly art photo books – such as Cronos by Pere Formiguera – seems to be left out in these media reports… The only actual porn they caught on Jackson’s hands was straight-male porn.

        • KevinC

          THIS. Like evidence #302 where they try very hard to sell it as “inspection office suspected it as grooming material”. BS. Who gives a flying f what he thinks, go try that in a court.

        • david

          i am a die hard fan sins i was 5 years old. but honestly if the name wasn’t michael jackson, would we go in the defense for a random person having all of this things in his house?

          • Jennifer

            I honestly have to say yes. For a few years I taught preschoolers in a Catholic Church after the scandal hit. We had to go to training to be able to detect possible pedophiles and the training included videos of former offenders describing how they selected victims and got them to go along with abuse. It was pretty creepy, and also insidious. All of this evidence is pretty damning, even if it was not enough for formal charges to stick in a court of law.

      • BD

        Artistically rendered pictures that depict nudes (mostly semi nude, actually) adults of both sexes as well as children are not pornographic. It says this repeatedly in the document. There was no child pornography found, only legal adult porn. Did you happen to notice that several pieces of “evidence” were actually professional shots of Michael’s nephews — who have their own pop group — for their CD cover? The investigator admits such and even admits to having viewed these photos in a magazine. Yet still says because they depict young males, bare-chested, in “suggestive poses” that they could be used to “groom” children for abuse. Ridiculous. And very sick thinking, by the way, and not on Michael’s part. All the male nudes (mostly in art books) are said to verify Michael’s interest in homosexual activity (which offensively enough, the investigator seems to equate with pedophilia), while the heterosexual porn is explained away as “grooming” aids. Unbelievable.

      • JL

        Nude photos of children is not necessarily pornography.

        • Carol

          I don’t give a fuck if you consider naked pictures of kids pedophilia. MICHAEL JACKSON WAS FUCKING WEIRD. Why is the main question. For what reason did he have all these books. “I like the art of naked kids” doesn’t sound any better. He went on teen sex websites. Y’all are naive as fuck, this man was sick. Everyone on this website needs to realize that the world is sick and there are people like this.

          • Andrea

            Sure, he was an odd guy, but surprisingly enough, guys like younger girls. Younger as in 18+. “Teen sex sites” is literally just a selling name. This is not illegal. This is just more proof he was a heterosexual man.

      • rikki


        technically its not a crime to have it, but it is a crime to do something with it. like show it to a minor send it to another adult….that’s what puts people in jail they have a child porn ring and even if its encrypted its still a criminal act.

      • Sara

        Not a lawyer but child porn would include the child having sex or being sexually involved somehow in the pics. Just like a picture of a naked woman can be in an art museum and not be considered porn. But having a picture of a naked woman with a finger in her vagina is porn. This man was a pedophile and actually very smart about it is all I have to say. He honestly didn’t need child porn because he had physical access to any kid he wanted so it made sense not to have that in his home. I do believe if he was still alive he would have eventually moved to that since he would be 60 and very few children would want to hang out with a 60 year old. He would most likely be in prison by now or at least his legacy would be completely tarnished since 3 other accusers have come forward since his death.

    • Eddie

      This is bull shit–if they had this evidence, why didn’t they use it–And if they just founded it, why didn’t they found it when they searched hi homes when he was alive–

  3. Jack

    He attaches this “grooming”-nonsense to EVERY piece of evidence.

  4. Rick Shaw

    If this is all true, what does it matter at this point?

  5. Cognitive Dissonance Much?

    he had multiple books in which young people are depicted naked… which psychologists have stated is what pedophiles often do, collect non-sexual imagery of unclothed kids. also, the authors on a couple of those books are pseudonyms for NAMBLA creeps. also, we know he had multiple sleepovers with kids in his bedroom, and those books/mags were found on shelves, in a bag next to the bed, in a bathroom, where they could easily be shown or looked at by visiting kids (it just happens to be on the shelf in the bathroom!). absolutely about lowering inhibitions (“everyone parties in just their underwear”) and/or to stimulate the straight kids. also note: the rich/famous kids like Mculkin or Feldman were never touched, just the poor kids — because they had no power base. predator all the way.

    • BD

      He had loads of art books of every description — and adult porn. Your spinning it in your own twisted way (“those books/mags were found on shelves” gasp!) doesn’t change those facts.

      • 4

        He didn’t just have one, he had many that showed young kids naked. He collected them. Read the police report. I find it very disturbing that fact after fact can be laid out — witness testimoney, hush money paid out, multiple accounts, and people still say he is innocent. Just like Cosby, or Sandusky.

        You can show a fan an MF fan a video of Jackson dangling his kid out the window, and they won’t say “That’s terrible”, they’ll just say “Oh he was excited to show his child to fans.” No. He dangled his kid out of a hotel window.

        • BD

          I did read the police report. I also read the recent clarification from the DA’s office refuting RadarOnline and stating no child pornography was found. People.com covered this. But there were no headlines equivalent to the inaccurate ones blaring about “child pornography.” No retractions. No apologies. The New Zealand Herald, the LA Times, and the San Jose Mercury News should be sued for libel, but I doubt the Jackson family has the energy or cares to devote the resources to that. Generating those inaccurate headlines (with complete impunity) appears to be the entire point of this recent exercise. As with your statements that do not detail specifics of how and why the Chandler settlement was paid or the many inconsistencies of the accusers brought out in the 2005 trial, the entire point seems to be to cast vague damning statements with no specifics. What’s surprising is how long this has gone on. Are there no investigative reporters out there anymore? Legitimate journalists just shake their heads and turn away, while the tabloids and more complicit media like the LA Times have a field day. I have no dog in the fight and the courts sometimes get it wrong, but the evidence does not support a supposition of guilt. I keep thinking it might. But it never does. I am only saying that the accusers have failed to prove their case. Despite that, the desire to continue to wreck Michael Jackson’s legacy in the court of public opinion is ongoing, and it’s genuinely unclear who is behind it. For what it’s worth, I think OJ was indeed guilty and the evidence is looking bad for Cosby.

          • Anonymous

            And you believe rags like people magazine and radar online they are so notoryus for getting it wrong it’s pitiful

          • Lucy

            Yes the police confirmed that they did not publicly disclose the evidence and stated, after being shown what the media said came from MJ’s, that much of what was printed was not from actual evidence, yet people keep talking like it was the real evidence. Don’t base your MJ guilt or innocent opinion on the so called police evidence you read here because most of it is fake!!

        • Jennifer

          Before all of this I was trying not to be biased and give Jackson a fair hearing. However, I believe that you are correct. I guess it is easy to be in denial that amazing talent can come out of. . . worse issues. This is bad.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking exactly that about the books, he was not so naive after all. Good points you made. I was schocked to learn all they have found.

  6. Mary

    He is totally innocent and these evidence are so funny that find in everyone house. Please leave him alone.

    • JL

      And because he is totally innocent he paid out millions to keep victims silent? And after being charged the first time he continued to have young boys sleep in his bed? Sorry, but I’d bet my life’s savings that he is guilty many times over.

      PS- no you do not find books with photos of naked children and pornographic magazines in everyone’s house.

      • MakingSomethingInnocentEvil

        They were art and photography books gifted to him by his many famous friends

        • ThrilleST

          Gifted to him cause they knew he loved nude kids? Sick fuck. Nobody has that many nude books of kids for art. If any one of you defending him had kids, you’d be singing a different tune.

    • Melissa

      Oh really? So you have a collection of books showing nude children, too?

    • REX

      I don’t. He was GUILTY. You’ve only to look at his freakish face to realize he was a twisted f8ck.

  7. AlexKx

    He’s a witch! He’s a witch! I can just tell! Everyone else told me so! All you have to do is look at him! He’s obviously a monster! An animal! GET HIM!!! Oh, no. Wait. He’s dead already. Oh, well.

    Of course you all realize that no human being has been as hunted, demonized, and sabotaged as much as Michael Jackson, right? That’s because when one looks at the facts they find out that in terms of any legal issues these are all lies.

    You all realize that the first payout settlement that was 25 million U.S. dollar done in 1994 was not paid for by Michael Jackson. His insurance company paid that. Now Michael made payment but it is not known how much. This is according to the settlement leaked by one of Rupert Murdoch’s companies called “The Smoking Gun” years ago. Which I thought was illegal but since when is the mainstream media held responsible for anything it has ever done or does do?! Insurance companies do not make payments if they think that a crime was committed. Five million to Larry Feldman the lawyer (who would show up a decade latter to make some good old money), five million to the parents (of which the Mother said this was all lies), and fifteen million to Jordy Chandler. It is also stated in this settlement from 1994 that while there was an accusation of sex abuse made that this settlement was not about that and that it was only for neglect towards the boy Jordy Chandler and the father Evan Chandler. Was Michael also having sex and abusing his father?! This craziness and absurdity goes on and on.

    But since Gobbles oops! I mean the mainstream media are so on top of things letting people know what’s going on and what’s most serious may I ask the following:

    How’s the genocide going on? How’s the catching of real child molesters going on? How’s the drug epidemic going on? How’s the debt crises? How’s supporting an over reaching government going on? How’s surrendering your peace, freedom, and prosperity to a cult of personality going on? How’s losing your wars on purpose for sixty years now when you did not have to working out for you? You think the mainstream media aren’t Gobbles? I wouldn’t be so sure.

    • ©

      Ummm…. Do you realize you’re reading a music news site and not a global politics site? I guess what the website is called is normally a terrible indicator of the subject matters you can expect to see. Especially when the sites name is so literal to the content…. wait…. No, you’re just an idiot fill with unearned moral superiority and unintelligible indignation.

    • mrs jackson

      Er alex shut the fuck up you focking stupid piece of shit ill pray for you to die then ill say oh well the knobs dead so haha

    • ...

      Alexkx, you are one stupid piece of horse crap. Go to help and burn you son of a bitch

    • Sara

      Who cares about all of that. MICHAEL CHOSE THE LIFE HE LIVED. He could have easily lived a normal gay life or straight life if that was the case. It’s not illegal to be gay or straight.

      If he wasn’t a child molester he should have left the children ALONE. Moved into a normal house and focused on his career because his music really went to shit after Dangerous but his child predator skills got way more insidious and clever. He never learned a new dance move after 1991 but could learn some young boy’s favorite color and pizza toppings. I never understood why such an amazingly talented man would tarnish his own legacy the way he did.

      And all of the fans that claim he was so child-like an innocent sound crazy. Being child-like in your 30s and 40s is not normal and would make more sense to say he was possibly on the autism spectrum because that’s what he seemed to be. Not at all innocent though if you ask me. His book collection throws out any theory of him being asexual or lacking the capacity to see things in a sexual nature. Since we know that he was indeed a sexual being, we can now look at what his dating history shows. Which is not much but we know he was mostly around young boys and children in general. Not adult women or males for that matter just children with a strong preference for prepubescent white or racially ambiguous males.

    • Anonymous

      HAVING SLEEPOVERS WITH KIDS ISN’T ENOUGH FOR YOU?? God damn people are weird.

  8. AlexKx

    The problem that the establishment had with Michael Jackson wasn’t that he was or wasn’t a child molester. There are plenty of those and obviously the mainstream media have no interest in dealing with them. They would rather do everything in their power to get Michael Jackson. The law where Michael Jackson lived was even changed SPECIFICALLY to catch him and even that did not work. I guess he was not only a child molester but a magical one, right? If you believe one you might as well believe the other. We are talking about the worlds most powerful and capable detective force on the planet. The L.A. Police Detective Force.

    Any who the reasons the establishment had a problem with Michael Jackson (and still do) is not because he (or in this case the Estate) still own fifty percent of Neverland (mainly because they can’t get anyone to buy it; at least at the price they want lol), that he still owns fifty percent of Sony/ATV (The Beatles, Elvis, thousands of other recording artists from the past to the present), or that “Thriller” sold one hundred million copies worldwide according to both The World Music Awards and Guiness Book Of World Records but because Michael Jackson was “pide pipper” for white youth. A black man is not supposed to be having maniacal, hysterical, paying white children following him on the level that Michael Jackson did. That was and obviously is still a threat to certain people and they will go to and move the ends of the Earth to do whatever necessary to destroy him.

  9. AlexKx

    Oh, and by the way Michael’s Estate still have not sold their half of Sony/ATV because the European Union stopped it because it was considered “too large” or what have you. Michael’s Estate were supposed to receive seven hundred fifty million U.S. dollars for it making it the largest payment ever for one single person to receive in the music industry.

    • 4

      okay janet, or tito, enough. we get it, you want your share of the estate. i

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  11. Be Real

    With all of this being said , where are the victims ? The children that were said to have been molested denied it every happened , but the parents are the ones who brought forth the charges , but MJ was never found guilty. If MJ was a sick demented person , victims would be coming out the woodwork like crazy to sue his $ Billion dollar estate. Propaganda , lies & rumors. If he was guilty I would be the first to say put him under the jail floor , and let him rot to death , but the evidence proves he was not guilty of these former accusations. Funny you never hear of accusations from any other superstar’s that the media and other organizations hold to a higher esteem , you know what I mean…………………..!

    • JL

      You should do some research. A number of victims have come forward as have their parents. A number were also paid off for their silence. Yes I’m sure OJ and Cosby are also completely innocent…

    • 4

      were the 5 accusers who did come forward believed, or have they been vilified? you understand that that’s what companies do when there are billions at stake? What are you talking about other superstars — look how long it took to get Cosby (or that Sandusky character) 30 years of rumors before their actions became well known.

  12. Jack

    Seems kind of fake to me, I will wait and if this is ends up being true then it’s a shame he isn’t alive to pay for his crimes. But if this is fake, I think is enough of trying to hurt someone’s image.

    I still believe in Michael.

    • Ryan

      I also believe in Michael, no matter how much evidence they have, if it was found before the trial and not used in the trial, then it’s fake

  13. heti

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  14. Jason

    This has been proven to be BS. Most supposed evidence against MJ here was just randomly collected from different sources from the internet.
    So the document is in fact false.

    Why do people always believe this BS?!
    People can be so damn gullible, by reading one article and believing the said article is 100 percent true…..

    • Anonymous

      It’s a shame that when someone doesn’t conform to other peoples’s standards they are denounced, subdued or decompressed, or even killed.

  15. Guilty

    Michael Jackson was a Pedophile. Michael Jackson always was a Pedophile. He had Daddy issues and an inherent attraction to children. He had images of naked children in legitimate “art” books because he was smart enough to know where the legal boundaries were with possession of child exploitation material. Have art, adult porn and when desperate stick faces of children on adult porn images. Michael Jackson lured children into his bedroom with fun, games and presents and he then molested them leaving soiled sheets. He used his wealth to pay off the witnesses and for top legal representation.

    Where theres smoke theres fire. Everyone knows Michael Jackson was a pedophile. They knew it while he was alive. The only reason why people continue to defend him is because they cant reconcile in their own minds the thought that they were inspired or touched through music by someone who was a Pedophile and further that their support of his music enabled him in an extended way.

    • Jason

      You must a very gullible individual to believe everything you read in the media. He was in no way a paedophile.
      Find facts from both sides before you judge. Open your mind. Do your own research. A good start would be the court documents which can be found online. I really pity you.

      I used to be a fan when i was very young but have stayed away from his music for twenty years. I am no longer a fan now.
      I just dont judge people from what i have read about them in the media. People like you seem to be very small minded.

    • DC

      You say everyone knows he was a pedophile but who is everyone? The only ones who believe this are the ones who have hated him and his music from day one. Is that the everyone you are referring to? You must be part of that everyone crew. If you are a hater than your opinion is based on your feelings not your logic.

      How convenient for law enforcement to bring all of this out now since Michael Jackson is dead and cannot defend himself. If Michael Jackson was a child molester why didn’t he molest his own children? Why lure children into your home when you have 3 of your own living under your roof? None of this so called “evidence” makes any sense. The man is dead. Move along and leave his children alone because in the end that’s who will get hurt…his children. His children should not have to go through this madness anymore. Enough is enough.

      For the ones that have lied to destroy him….the truth always comes out and God don’t like ugly.

  16. Guilty

    Jason still can’t accept the obvious. Poor poor Jason.

    • Jason

      You really do make me laugh. Believing everything bad written about him. You`re a gullible brainwashed fool. Please enlighten me why it is so obvious.

      • Tom M

        No guilty is right, man are you about to have a rude awakening.

        I no from my own experiences the truth and so do others here but they are so brainwashed like a cult.

        He’s like the Larry Nassar in hiding. He is so fake and uses so many aliases and yet people no and are ok with that.

        It’s a crock actually, he needs to be locked up

  17. Guilty

    Jasons the guy who doesn’t call the cops when a grown man next door is sharing his bed with children. Because there must be a reasonable excuse for that. Well done Jason.

    • Jason

      He shared his bed with them yes, but never at the same time.
      Also his bedroom was on two floors. You are deeping yourself into a hole you gullible fool.

      • Jason

        I will also add that he had the parents of the children sleeping in the same room the children were sleeping in too. Go ahead replying with foolish comments.

      • ThrilleST

        Anyone who has material near children of nude children is messed up Full Stop! Changing skin color and everything else. We all knew he had serious issues stemming from his childhood. His music and showmanship were incredible, deep down we all know something more sinister was going on. Nobody loves kids so much they wanna see them nude. That’s fucking wrong. You all know it. And leaving nude books around kids… Any parent would agree it’s wrong. You can speculate all you like, when it smells like shit and looks like shit 99.9% of the time
        It’s shit.

  18. Danimal

    If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck… that is all that should have to be said.

  19. anonymous

    Fake proofs.
    fake storie.
    he was not a child molester. He was a great humanitarian.
    Pls leave him even now

  20. Russian

    Here, in Russia, all we know is that MJ died because he got aids from one of his victims, that MJ was a sexually abused himself while a kid, and such folks usually become predators themselves when grow up. Also, that president monkey Bush was the one who didnt like rich blacks like Tyson and Michael and could be a part of the reason why Jackson was involved in scandals.

  21. Michalel Jackson

    WA state is a womens state where men get beaten up and abused by crazy american women and still go to jails. WA state is all pedo/homosex/nasty state full of passively-agressive people. This is what shoukd he discussed, not dead ba ass!

  22. Michalel Jackson

    WA state is a womens state where men get beaten up and abused by crazy american women and still go to jails. WA state is all pedo/homosex/nasty state full of passively-agressive people. This is what shoukd he discussed, not dead bad ass!

  23. UseLogic

    I grew up believing he was innocent. I love his music, and he was an incredible entertainer, there’s no denying that. It is strange though, isn’t it? Strange for a grown man to sleep in a bed with children not his own, right? If you knew a 40+ (for example) year old man who loved to invite kids over and have sleepovers with them you’d raise your eyebrow, right? Heck, you’d probably report him to the police. I think Michael, if he was innocent, should have refrained from the sleepovers and the world would be not be so skeptical.

    • Gabry

      UseLogic that is what I always said, after the first allegation, you stop sleeping with kids, you stay away from kids, if you don’t, there is something wrong there, he just couldn’t help himself! It was out of his control, he had an obsession with kids and that spells out Pedophile!

  24. He did it, you know...

    Thank god this pedophile is gone.

    • Melody

      You think? I bet with you that he is still alive – and well.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry he is gone, I would of preferred him behind bars so he could suffer.

  25. Emmett

    He was a big-time pedophile! Anyone who can’t see that is blind. Also, not guilty is not the same as innocent. Besides, why all the book of nude children? Normal men don’t have those things. Lastly, who pays $20 million to a family if he’s innocent? No one! End of story.

  26. Gabry

    if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, it’s a duck not a frog. He was guilty.

  27. MJ

    Boohoo I never had a childhood, so now I can use that excuse to sexually abuse little kids without anyone suspecting, because I never had a childhood! Not little girls, not little black boys, not little ugly boys, just little cute white tight ass boys.

  28. Iamcleanareyou?

    There goes the saying, “A thief is angry to his fellow thief.” Please stop the hate and leave this behind. Guilty or not, stop judging others and take a look at yourself first in the mirror. If the guy did really do all of these accusations, let god take care of him and do what is right for him. And if he really did not do all of this accusations then what? Then it’s shame on you. This is what the devil wants, to spread hate and if you can’t stop hating others, you also need help as he once was if all of this was true. If MJ really did all of that, paid the victims parents to shut up, it’s the victims parents fault why MJ did not go behind bars. If you are the parent and MJ did all of these things to your son, $20M is enough? If you can accept that amount or any amount to shut up, you choose the money more over your son and I think you don’t have the rights to have a gift of a son nor a daughter anymore. We are born free and free to decide and let god judge those who decided wrong. No amount of money is more or equal to your child. With all these hates, who do you think wins? Please stop all these hates, just move on, you look like stupid, get a life and improve our lives for the sake of our loveones and let god do his thing.


    MJ the dead pedo is no more. He’s finally in hell for raping little boys. MJ fans are pedophiles and pychopaths. Heck, most of them don’t know a darn thing about him. BURN NEVERLAND DOWN WITH HIS ROTTING CORPSE IN IT.

  30. 404

    If this was real, he’d be in prison for sure. 100% I agree with a adult porn and art books but a lot of photographs with naked women were supposedly found. But no child pornography.