Ticketmaster Adds Another $10 Million In Free Ticket Giveaways (Here’s How to Get Them)

Get Free Tickets from Ticketmaster! Run!
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But how do you claim them?

Over the weekend, Ticketmaster started notifying millions of past buyers that they were eligible to attend free shows.  The only problem is that it was difficult to actually view the list, at least for a large percentage of eligible people, thanks to some website issues.

Now, nearly 500 shows are being displayed on the Ticketmaster site, with many already claimed and boxed out.  Originally, Ticketmaster promised to offer $5 million worth of free tickets, though that total amount has now been bumped to $15 million for some random reason.

This was tacked onto the settlement page on Tuesday, before nearly 500 shows were listed across dozens of cities.

  1. Also Ticketmaster agreed to provide $5 million in ticket vouchers for select Live Nation concerts through May 2017, subject to availability and a cap of 17 claims per account. Given the tremendous initial interest for these tickets, Ticketmaster will increase to $10 million its allotment of tickets made available through May 2017. The potential for additional tickets will be based on the redemption rates of the discount and UPS vouchers.

The giveaways are happening because of a class action lawsuit, which accused the ticketing giant of unfairly and deceptively charging consumers extra fees.  Ticketmaster had been battling the case since the early 2000s, and ultimately lost.  As retribution, anyone purchasing a ticket between the years of 1999 and 2013 are eligible to attend free shows or get discounts, depending on their levels of purchasing during that period.

Here’s how to search for shows and then redeem the tickets, per the Ticketmaster site.

How to redeem your ticket voucher, per Ticketmaster:

1. Once ticket codes are made available to you in your Ticketmaster account (https://www.ticketmaster.com/member/vouchers), you may attempt to use the codes for redemption on this website. The ticket codes are available on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Select an event from the list of eligible events displayed on this website and proceed through the purchase process. Note that codes for ticket vouchers can be used on eligible general admission tickets.

3. On the Billing Page, during your transaction, look for a “Voucher Code” link and enter your code to receive your discount(s).

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But how are the shows?

That depends on what you like, though some are pointing to a dump-off by Ticketmaster of lesser-attended shows.  That said, some nicer gigs and festivals are definitely popping up from sought-after artists, though unfortunately those seem to be going the quickest.  So, if you’re busy with something, for example a job, you might lack the ability to quickly check and secure slots for plum engagements.

And, here’s just a sampling of shows in the offing, as picked out by The Verge.

Hall & Oates

July 10th: Camden, NJ

July 12th: Holmdel, NJ

July 22nd: Tinley Park, IL

July 24th: Noblesville, IN

September 9th: Auburn, WA

September 14th: Phoenix, AZ

September 18th: Concord, CA

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

July 20th: West Palm Beach, FL

July 22: Atlanta, GA

July 24th: Charlotte, NC

July 26th: Raleigh, NC

July 27th: Virginia Beach, VA

July 31st: Bristow, VA

August 2nd: Holmdel, NJ

August 5th: Camden, NJ

August 6th: Mansfield, MA

August 7th: Saratoga Springs, NY

August 11th: Noblesville, IN

August 14th: Cuyahoga Falls, OH

August 16th: Tinley Park, IL

August 17th: Maryland Heights, MO

August 18th: Dallas, TX

August 23rd: Albuquerque, NM

August 24th: Phoenix, AZ

August 25th: Irvine, CA

August 27th: Chula Vista, CA

August 28th: Concord, CA

September 2nd: Auburn, WA

The Beach Boys

August 19th: Indianapolis, IN

Gary Clark Jr.

July 16th: Nashville, TN

The Art of Rap Festival, feat. Public Enemy, Ice-T, Naughty by Nature, more…

July 16th: Dallas, TX

July 31st: Atlanta, GA

August 5th: Tinley Park, IL

Weezer and Panic at the Disco!

June 21st: Raleigh, NC

June 22nd: Virginia Beach, VA

June 24th: Bristow, VA

July 5th: Camden, NJ

July 10th: Tinley Park, IL

July 12th: Noblesville, IN

July 15th: Dallas, TX

July 19th, Maryland Heights, MO

July 31st: Mountain View, CA

August 2nd: Phoenix, AZ

August 3rd: Chula Vista, CA

The Cure

June 23rd: Charlotte, NC

Dolly Parton

September 24th: Mountain View, CA

Ryan Adams and Kurt Vile

July 22nd: Camden, NJ

Flight of the Conchords

June 28th: Mountain View, CA

July 12th: Atlanta, GA

The Kidz Bop Kids

August 14th: Charlotte, NC

August 19th: Alpharetta, GA

Kool & The Gang

July 22nd: Charlotte, NC

July 23rd: Raleigh, NC

August 13th: Bristow, VA

Modest Mouse and Brand New

July 15th: Mansfield, MA

Salt N Pepa

July 16th: Alpharetta, GA

August 6th: Camden, NJ

Weird Al Yankovic, the star of UHF

July 7th: Indiandapolis, IN


Good luck getting a seat!

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  1. Cindie Mavor9

    I have purchased many times ti ckets for shows. Concerts have been my favorite thing to do for years going back to the 70’s. There were not many options available as far as where you purchased tickets. Ticketmaster has always been the main source for getting your tickets!