SoundCloud Amps Up Discovery Feature To Compete With Spotify and Apple Music

SoundCloud Amps Up Discovery Feature To Compete With Spotify and Apple Music
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But, is this enough to convert its 175 million users to its paid subscription service ‘SoundCloud Go’?

Today (June 23rd), SoundCloud announced via their blog that they are amping up their discovery features across all of their platforms. The latest feature is called Suggested Tracks.

The new feature is very similar to Spotify’s ‘Discover’, as it uses the listening activity of its subscribers to automatically find new artists and tracks. The feature promises to have you listening to music ‘that you’ve likely never heard before, but are similar to the things you already know and love’.

The streaming platform currently boasts over 125 million tracks, and this is what sets the service apart from its competitors. Rivals, Spotify and Apple Music have approximately 30 million songs in their catalog, which is vast, but pale in comparison to SoundCloud’s catalog. SoundCloud has a lot of unique content on its platform and this can make music discovery interesting, especially with the addition of ‘Suggested Tracks’.

The addition of the new feature is a way to get SoundCloud users to find the value in paying for its paid subscription service – ‘SoundCloud Go’, which launched in March.  The new extended features help the company effectively convert its 175 million monthly active users into paying customers.  Though, that challenge is incredibly steep, especially since this is a platform with a long-established reputation of being free. That suggests a small conversion rate, though even a small percentage of 175 million is a lot of paying users.