Dear Spotify, Here Are a Few Suggestions on Where to Stuff Something. Signed, Apple.

Really want to piss off the boss, Spotify?

Spotify’s decision to demand an exception from Apple’s typical App Store rules, and then complain to the media after getting rejected is not sitting well with the dons of Apple.  In a letter leaked to Buzzfeed from Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell, Spotify is gently urged to reconsider their disrespectful actions, and think about all the good Apple has done for them.

“Our guidelines apply equally to all app developers, whether they are game developers, e-book sellers, video-streaming services or digital music distributors; and regardless of whether or not they compete against Apple,” the letter explains.  “We did not alter our behavior or our rules when we introduced our own music streaming service or when Spotify became a competitor.  Ironically, it is now Spotify that wants things to be different by asking for preferential treatment from Apple.”

As for the anti-trust aspect, Apple is now under federal investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for possible bullying and unfair competitive practices.  But this doesn’t violate anything, according to Sewell.  “There is nothing in Apple’s conduct that ‘amounts to a violation of applicable antitrust laws.’ Far from it,” the letter continues.  “I would be happy to facilitate an expeditious review and approval of your app as soon as you provide us with something that is compliant with the App Store’s rules.”

Here’s the letter now circulating online.

Apple letter to Spotify. by Digital Music News

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    At this point Spotify deserves what they get. Spotify knew for years this was a problem. But unlike their competition they never put much effort into fighting it. They just sat their and watched their competition fight it while they screwed around because they had so much investment money it didn’t really matter. The time to do something was while the App Store was young. Before Apple Music gained 10+ million subscribers. But now they cry about how Apple is using this fee to crush competition despite the fact that their 30% policy existed years before Apple Music launched and has always applied to everyone. Even if Spotify wins this enough time will have passed that Apple Music will likely overtake Spotify as the #1 music service. And unlike Spotify, virtually all of Apple Music’s subscribers are on iOS. Meaning they will have the majority of the markershare for music streaming on Apple devices.

    • Anonymous

      The 30% policy is also applied by GooglePlay, Amazon-mp3, Microsoft, etc…and the iTunes Store existed even before the IOs AppStore, and Apple Music.
      Spotify are just a bunch of whiners. Start by paying your artists decently then you’ll have the right to publicly cry about not getting preferential treatment by Apple.

  2. Remi Swierczek

    Both, Apple an Spotify, use and abuse music industry and musicians!
    Ek’s business model is a typical catch 22 with negligent business value.

    if we stay on course we will vent more 2x more music related revenues from Radio, iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and almost dead CDs than the gain in streaming!

    Let’s stop the madness, and eloquent business arguments about NOTHING and create simple $200B game board for music business. Music must be monetized at THE DISCOVERY MOMENT or we will never see any money for the goods.

    • Danny

      Oh so its $200bn now? What happened, did your team of analysts and willing industry adoptees increase their projections?

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